The average Canadian woman takes approximately 8,400 steps per day, according to recent Stats Canada figures, so just imagine how much airtime this means for your pedicure come the open-toed season. To ensure your favourite summer heels don’t outshine pale, wintery toes this summer —at least not entirely—treat yourself to a royal foot treatment with a spa pedicure in the comfort of your own powder room. We chatted with Nicole LeBlanc, owner of Toronto’s Taupe Salon & Spa and celebrity manicurist, for her expert tips on how to recreate the spa pedicure experience at home.

At-home spa pedicure tip #1: Bring winter toes out of hibernation.

Feet are likely happiest during the winter months, all tucked away into wool socks and fur-lined boots. But aesthetically, it’s a different story. “It’s not that you need to have a pedicure in order to transition from winter shoes into summer, because the feet are far more soft when they’re covered up,” says LeBlanc, a resident artist with Plutino Group. “Most people don’t have their toes painted when they’re covered, so you need to do that before wearing open-toed shoes.” To ensure feet retain their wintery softness, LeBlanc recommends frequent pedicures throughout the summer months. At-home foot treatment bonus: instantly buffing away those calluses that creep up around the heel.

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At-home spa pedicure tip #2: Build-up your foot treatment tool kit with nail care essentials.

To combat foot woes that arise while breaking in new summer wedges, invest in the necessary tools to tend to trodden heels all summer. The necessities LeBlanc recommends for your at-home spa pedicure tool checklist? A toenail clipper, coarse nail file, nail buffer, pumice or foot file, orange wood cuticle stick, exfoliator and foot cream. And know where to use them. “Pumice is more for calluses. A foot scrub removes dead skin build-up that we get from perspiration, and soap or shower gel that builds up from showering.”


What colour should you choose to top off your at-home spa pedicure? Read on to find out…


At-home spa pedicure tip #3: Embark on the essential pedicure steps.

Start by removing polish and soaking feet in a warm bath (feel free to add in a few droplets of essential oils, like lavender or peppermint). Next, carefully clip toenails to a square or rounded shape and smooth over rough edges with a nail file; buff overtop for a shiny finish. Using the orange wood stick, gently push back cuticles and exfoliate the bottom of feet using the pumice stone. Rinse feet and massage in your favourite scented foot cream. Before applying polish, LeBlanc recommends using polish remover over toenails to wipe away any cream residue. As for colour, she suggests coating toenails in the season’s hottest hues, such as barely there nudes, bright neon hues, or emerald green.

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At-home spa pedicure tip #4: Moisturize newly pedicured feet.

After a luxurious foot soak, it’s critical to instantly rehyrdrate skin with a creamy foot lotion. “For summertime, we usually use a lighter cream,” says LeBlanc. She suggests a cream that contains menthol or cooling ingredients and absorbs quickly into pores. “That way you can go into your sandals sooner!”

At-home spa pedicure tip #5: Don’t forget to set the spa scene.

Take the time to recreate that tranquil spa ambiance, without fretting over where to secretly stash your phone. “Add flower petals to the bowl,” says LeBlanc. “Stones also feel nice.” Then dim the lights and use some aromatherapy candles. Add yes, a glass of wine is always recommended for total relaxation.

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