Just as IMAX technology has overhauled the movie-going experience, high fashion nail art is also moving into a more three-dimensional world. Case in point? Ciaté, the U.K.-based nail fashion label, is launching the Caviar Manicure set this May, which dots your base polish shade with colourful caviar pearls. (The Caviar Manicure set, approx. $25, which contains a Ciaté base polish shade and caviar pearls, comes in three different shades and launches at Sephora in-store and at sephora.ca in May.)

Developed by Charlotte Knight, celebrity manicurist and Ciaté’s creative director, the caviar nail trend is a literal translation of the special effects painted on nails during the Spring/Summer 2102 runways at Nicole Miller and Meadham Kirchhoff.

We chatted with Knight to hear about her inspiration behind creating this candy-coated look and how to rock the shiny pearls any time, anywhere. (Hint: They’ll look even better holding a flute of champagne to complement your regal taste.)

Spring nail art: Why you should try the trend

Forget everything you know about the colour-complementing rules inherent to every other fashion facet: nails should be your style free-for-all. “Unlike makeup, which is determined by skin tone, eye colour and facial features, nails are the canvas to express your character and mood, and really make a statement,” Knight explains. “From a
classic sexy red or a preened French manicure, to the latest statement catwalk shade, it is the playful nature of colour which is truly translated by nail polishes and has captured the hearts of women across the world—making it the fastest growing beauty category!”

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For tips on how to rock this pearl-ladden spring nail art trend, read on…



Spring nail art: How to get the 3-D caviar pearl look
Diamonds are fun, but it’s all about the pearls this season: “It’s such an interesting and 3-D take on the nail art trend that was wildly popular on the Spring/Summer 2012 runways and in previous seasons,” says Knight about the whimsical wraps and psychedelic polishes that festooned models’ fingers on the catwalk this season. “Three-dimensional nails have been rife on the catwalk but also in street fashion and on beauty blogs worldwide,” she adds. “I wanted to take it a step further and have a manicure that created an incredible three-dimensional effect.” To get the look, paint on two coats of the base shade and while nails are still wet, generously sprinkle the caviar pearls over top. Shake off the excess pearls onto a tray for later use.

Spring nail art: Choosing which 3-D caviar pearl look is right for you

How do you take your caviar? “The true beauty of this kit is that it gives its owners true creative license to create endless looks, thanks to the varying colours,” says Knight. Pick your fancy: for a darkly luxurious finish to complement that LBD, opt for the Black Pearl manicure. “The Rainbow kit, which is reminiscent of cupcake sprinkles, is the ultimate girly sugar rush,” says Knight about the candyfloss pink and pastel-tinted pearl set. To create a subtle, softer take on this look, the Mother of Pearl set forms a glistening, snowflake effect on nails.

Spring nail art: Exciting ways to wear it

“The best way to wear caviar by day is to create an alternative French polish look and wear at the tips, a look that’s easy to create,” says Knight about rocking the candy-coated fingernails at the office. She notes that a rainbow of tiny coloured balls can also be worn as a statement on a ring finger for a textured burst of colour. “Contrasting nails are very much on trend right now. The bolder the better!” says Knight. But don’t be afraid to opt for muted, understated grey tones when the occasion beckons. “Just mix it up with bright colours, glitters, bolds,” says Knight. “The world is your oyster!” Literally.

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