How many hours a day are you outside training, on average?

About 25 hours a week, but it depends on the time of season. Usually I practice for 3 hours a day, but if I’m preparing for a match then the training is more structured and intense. Normally 3 days, then 1 day off. Once the tournament starts days off are rare. They’re mostly travel days, which doesn’t really count as a break!

What is your beauty routine like when you’re training?

I use sunscreen on a daily basis as I’m exposed to the sun everyday and have tried so many brands over the years but they all feel too heavy or they end up running into my eyes or affecting my grip on my racket. All of Shiseido’s products, including WetForce, feel amazing and I love the lightness of the textures.

What’s your off-court beauty routine like?

I still prefer a simple look, but if I’m out for dinner I will use a little more makeup. Usually it’s mascara, lip gloss, a little concealer and a light-coloured eyeshadow, but that’s it. For a big event I usually go for smokey eyes, but I try not to wear too much foundation because I like my skin to look natural and retain its glow.

How do you deal with the days when you are just too tired or overworked to get out and play?

I’m a very competitive person so the challenge of every game is what drives me. On court I give it my all. I fight and I don’t give up, but its important to have balance.

When you’re gearing up for a big match, how do you get yourself in the zone?

Mental preparation plays a huge role. When I was younger I found it hard to switch off because I was so hungry and eager all the time but now I realize the importance of being able to switch off as well.

When you’re not training, what do you like to do for fun?

Sightseeing! I love walking and exploring different cities and cultures, so it’s the perfect hobby. I try to lie back and relax with a book whenever I can. I enjoy autobiographies, true stories, psychology books…anything rooted in real-life that I can learn from.

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