Every week, our Beauty Director gets to try out tons of new products. (It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it!) In this monthly column, she rounds up the ones that stood out from the pack and actually earned a spot in her routine.

The lip gloss that gets everything right

Odyssey Hydrating Non-Sticky Lip Oil Gloss, Milk Makeup

Price: $36


There are so many lip products out there that claim to have it all: the glassy sheen of a gloss, the nourishing benefits of a balm, the luscious texture of an oil, the sheer hue of a stain… The thing is, though, few actually deliver on all their promises. This one, my friends, manages to do it all. It is perfection in a tube, I tell you. Technically, it’s an oil–and it definitely feels like one, bathing your pout in scrumptious, never-sticky moisture–but it looks like a gloss, imparting the juiciest finish. I kid you not, two different friends recently inquired if I’d gotten lip fillers. I had not; it was all this gloss. Some of the wilder shades–like Globetrot, a shimmery sky blue–have gone viral on social media, but I’m personally partial to the more subdued options like Journey, a clear coat that pairs perfectly with a neutral liner, and Werk Trip, the most divine Dusty Rose. It’s got a nice plush applicator and smells super yummy thanks to its natural vanilla-bergamot scent. Best of all, it manages to keep my normally perennially chapped lips supple and flake-free. It’s now a permanent fixture in my handbag.

The invisible bandage

Invisible Bandage, Violette_FR

Invisible Bandage, Violette_FR

Price: $38


You’re probably like, “what the heck is an invisible bandage?” I wondered the same thing, but then I tried it and let me tell you, this stuff is actually life-changing. Not that that should come as a surprise, considering it was devised by the one and only Violette, French makeup artist extraordinaire. (The woman’s so cool, she doesn’t even need a last name.) I’ve been enamoured with every product I’ve tried from her eponymous line (I practically mainline her Baume Shine highlighter and Boum Boum Milk cream spray) and this newcomer is predictably just as obsession-worthy. Here’s how it works: The formula forms an undetectable shield over skin (it’s great on blemishes, minor cuts or burns), keeping bacteria and pollution out while also acting as a primer, so you can safely apply makeup over top. (You can also totally wear it sans makeup.) I especially love using it on breakouts–it’s kind of like a non-wasteful pimple patch. My concealer or foundation goes on way more smoothly afterwards, which makes disguising anything I’m not fond of easy-peasy. Plus, the formula, made with 99 percent natural ingredients, actually treats the skin throughout the day, soothing it and speeding up its recovery. So yeah, that’s what an invisible bandage is. Told you it was life-changing!

The treatment that gives you shampoo commercial-worthy hair

High Gloss Shine Color Depositing Mask in Clear, Moroccanoil

Price: $40.50


You know how when you leave the salon your hair is shinier and smoother and just overall better-looking than you can ever get it to be at home, no matter what fancy products you invest in or how expertly you learn to wield your round brush and blowdryer? Well friends, I’ve finally cracked the code. Or at least, I’ve figured how to fake the look with minimal time and effort. The secret is this mask. The name says it’s “colour-depositing,” but said colour is actually clear. In other words, it’s like a top coat, but for your hair. You leave it on for five to seven minutes and the conditioning ingredients–argan and abyssinian oils as well as amino acids–go to work replenishing moisture and wrapping each strand in a highly reflective veil. Once your hair dries, the shine is off the charts–even with the most minimal styling efforts. It’s suitable for all hair types and won’t alter your shade if you do colour your mane. If anything, it’ll just make it more vibrant. The only times I’ve ever seen my hair so glossy was when I was walking out of a salon. Now, I get to enjoy that feeling on the regular.

The moisturizer that makes you look less tired

Radiant Complexion Cream, Embryolisse

Price: $49


I’ve been a huge fan of Embryolisse’s legendary Lait Crème Concentré for years. The French pharmacy staple was said to be Jane Birkin’s go-to moisturizer and anything Jane-approved is good enough for me (straw bags and flared jeans included). But recently, a new product has managed to dethrone my forever face cream–and it happens to be from the very same brand. Meet Embryolisse Radiant Complexion Cream, a moisturizer meets complexion enhancer that somehow makes you look as though you’ve just enjoyed the best sleep of your life. It’s all thanks to the pretty pink tinge, developed in partnership with a makeup artist to ensure it would suit all complexions. The rosy hue instantly wakes up the face, making it appear fresher, brighter and healthier. There are also some ultra-fine pearl pigments swirled in to help boost radiance in the most subtle, natural way. But it’s not just smoke and mirrors. The formula actually plumps up the skin and erases signs of fatigue (you can use it all over, even under your eyes) with hyaluronic acid and silk tree extract. It’s just an all-around genius product. So much so that I’m quite certain Jane would have loved it too.

The perfect fall nail polish

Vinylux in Leather Goods, CND

Price: $11


On my last visit to the nail salon, the owner (shoutout to the marvellous Tamara Di Lullo of Montreal’s Candy Nail Bar) waved me over to a newly arrived stash of bottles and proceeded to show me a rich espresso brown polish from CND called Leather Goods (how great is that name?). The thing is, Tamara knows I rarely deviate from a milky mani or the occasional classic crimson, but she had a feeling that if a colour could sway me, it’d be this one. She was right. The chocolatey hue is adorning my fingertips as I type this and I can’t tell you how much joy it’s bringing me. It feels cool and unexpected yet incredibly chic–not to mention wonderfully autumnal. Even better: It still functions as a neutral, coordinating just as well with pretty anything as my tried-and-true red or sheer cream would. All that to say: life’s short; try the dark polish!