There’s nothing like the turn of the seasons to remind us that the skin below our necks needs as much attention as our face. You know the feeling: that tight, itchy sensation that often follows exposure to cold weather or a particularly hot shower, indicating that your body is in desperate need of hydration.

Anyone that has experienced this form of discomfort knows that sometimes a body lotion just won’t cut it. Looking for a good moisturizer for dry skin as we enter the colder half of the year? Allow us to introduce you to body balms.

Halfway between a cream and an oil, a balm acts like a deep conditioner for your body. Packed with hydrating butters and oils, balms melt into the skin, locking in moisture and leaving behind a lovely sheen. Not only do they work wonders at keeping itchiness at bay, but due to the low water content, a tiny amount goes a long way.

Here, our favourite body balms to slather on this season.