Canadian up-and-comer Senait Gidley on the Roland Mouret catwalk. All photos courtesy of Imaxtree.com.

When I ran into Orlando Pita backstage at Roland Mouret, he was in the middle of slicking down Canadian model Senait Gidley’s hair with a product I’ve not seen since grade 6: Let’s Jam. The fruity hair gel that scented the halls of my middle school was Pita’s secret weapon for Gidley’s afro-textured hair. "On black hair you can’t use a water based product when you want to keep a straighter look, or it will make it go curly," Pita explained. (Most of the other models were getting the L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Aqua Gloss treatment to create Mouret’s "nightclub" beauty look.) The hair, which was pinned on the sides with several bobby pins, was given a
wavy kick with a one-inch barrel curing iron, and was meant to be a little shiny and slick—though not wet. (All models had their hair dosed with Mythic Oil to prep.) "This lady has been out all night, and her hair is beginning to get a little lived in," said Pita "She’s been to to a few clubs, she’s been to Privilege… and her hair is becoming more undone as the night wears on. That’s how Roland described it to me—she starts off ‘done’ and becomes less so."
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