Long weekends, less makeup and beach waves—there are certain tried and true staples that we look forward to each summer. While some summer traditions are non-negotiable (say, allover sunscreen or patio hopping) we’re always looking for new ways to overhaul our favourite classic beauty routines. Since we plan on spending a lot of time at the beach this summer—or at least looking like we did—we chatted with Brennen Demelo, a celebrity hair stylist and owner of Brennen Demelo Studios in Toronto, about 5 new ways to style the iconic wavy beach hair this summer.

Beach waves update: Disheveled curls

The trick to getting wavy beach hair is all in how you mess up the strands after unwrapping hair from the curling iron. “The beach wave is back this season—but where they were perfect waves before, they’re now raw, scrunched and textured,” says Demelo. “Almost dirty.”

In fact, Demelo is all about not washing hair. “Once per week is fine,” he says. “Use a good cleansing shampoo and focus on scrubbing the roots.” And don’t worry about working up a lather, but definitely follow up with a high-quality conditioner to restore moisture to the hair.

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Beach waves update: Big, loose curls
To achieve the loose, gritty waves that were blown-out at Versace’s Spring/Summer 2013 runway, alternate the way hair is wrapped around the curling iron—wrap a section in one direction and the next going the opposite way, grabbing random pieces, instead of perfectly defined sections.

“Before, the only way to achieve big volume was to do this look on clean hair,” he says. Get that three-to-four day old style beach hair using a combination of texturizing products—use a hair powder and mix with an anti-frizz serum or paste for a pliable paste and work into hair for that gritty feeling. “Hair should almost be able to stand on its own.” His rule for a voluminous, wavy hair? “The dirtier the hair feels, the bigger and grittier the waves.”

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Burberry-bks-A-RS13-2566canvas.jpgBeach waves update: Think slick
We first saw (and fell in love with) just-out-of-the-shower-looking hair last spring, and that wet look is back again this season. “The trick to this look is not using wet products,” says Demelo. “A water-based product will evaporate and leave hair dry.” Opt for a cream product and layer into hair with a texturizing wax. Hair should be moldable as you work in a beach wave with your fingers, and have soft movement to it. Try Kevin Murphy Hair Resort beach texturizer. “Spray into wet hair, style into a wave and finish with a manipulator,” he says.

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Beach waves update: Beach-ready bob
The idea of beach hair existing only as long, breezy curls blowing in the wind is simply no longer the case. The beauty of the nouveau beach wave is that it can be recreated on most hair lengths. “And it might even be easier to achieve on short-to-medium length hair,” Demelo says, citing the beachy wavy hair bobs of top models Daria Werbowy and Freja Beha Erichsen. “Naturally, hair curls more when it doesn’t have as much weight to it.”

Beach waves update: Natural wind-combed curls

Demelo’s biggest beach waves pet peeve? “Walking down the street and seeing women with perfect curls—I just want to run my fingers through it!” he says, laughing. “When does beach hair ever look like that?” For a just-out-of-the ocean curl, try his homemade beach spray: drop a tablespoon of salt into boiling water and stir. Let cool and mist into wet hair with a spray bottle.

Once hair has fully dried, hold the barrel of the curling iron horizontally and wrap pieces around it, starting from just below the root and leaving out the ends. “Then turn head upside down to shake out the curl and start applying product.” And head straight to the sand.

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