tweezerman-designer-collection-Photo courtesy of Tweezerman.

It’s a question we always ask ourselves–what do we do with our eyebrows in between waxes? If you’ve often found yourself asking that same question aloud in front of the mirror, Tweezerman’s new line of
printed tweezers could be the answer to your (our) problems. Part of their new designer collection with Isaac Mizrahi, this tweezer set (which also includes chic
nail files) comes in two distinct designs and sizes for a more personalized plucking experience (it doesn’t matter if you have
bold eyebrows or a barely-there look). Each pair of tweezers has a precision slanted tip for grabbing those pesky sprouts at the root when they grow back after a wax, without catching matured hairs within your
full brow. With these pretty tweezers in your beauty arsenal, you’ll have
perfectly groomed brows 24/7.
OVER TO YOU How often do you use tweezers? Do you prefer plucking or waxing?