Q: What is in your makeup bag?
NUXE Rosewater Cleanser and moisturizer and M.A.C foundation – I love how it’s just the right consistency.

Q: What is your number one beauty tip?
Sleep and drink lots of water. I do facial exercises every morning to give me an extra boost.

Q: Who are the women you find beautiful?
I love Audrey Hepburn and Emma Watson. They are both classic beauties that never try too hard – they keep things natural.

Q: Aside from Nina Ricci, are there any other designers you really like?
I love Chanel because it’s timeless and Christopher Kane for Versace for his perfectly fitted dresses.

Q: If you could develop your own fragrance, what would it smell like?
I like fresh flowers and sticky sweet candyfloss—maybe lilies and candyfloss.

Q: If you were able to meet Nina Ricci today, what would you say to her?
I would thank her. She has created such a classic brand that has stuck to its roots.

Q: Who would be your dream collaboration?
Prince, so that I could drum for him.

Q: Speaking of princes, do you believe in prince charming?
Everyone must have a prince charming out there – the world is so large. I haven’t found my prince charming yet.

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