Sexy date-night makeup might conjure up images of red lips and long lashes, but don’t think that’s your only option for looking your best. “You want to be who you really are, right? You should look like how you look when he met you—whether that was when you were out getting lunch or leaving the office, but just a little more special,” says Diana Carreiro, Toronto-based celebrity makeup artist. So if
heavy eyeliner, big curls and bold lips are completely out of character for you—don’t do it. “Just be yourself, with a little extra,” she advises. And to keep it safe, stick to techniques and looks you already know how to do — the first date is not the best time to test out that hot new runway trend (save that for a girl’s night out).

Ready to hit the town on his arm? Here’s how to get ready.

Date night makeup tips: Get kiss-worthy lips

Start with a lip tint or stain (so your colour doesn’t fade) and then add gloss or something creamier like a lipstick over top, says Carreiro. “After you’ve had drinks or dinner on your date and you head to the ladies room to touch up your lipstick, reapply lip balm and your tint or stain, but skip the gloss – no guy likes to kiss lipstick so you don’t want your lips goopy.”

Date night makeup tips: Make your makeup budge-proof

You wouldn’t want your foundation rubbing off on him or his shirt when you’re getting up close and personal—so opt for a lighter product, such as a
tinted moisturizer or some self-tanning lotion rather than full-coverage foundation. These formulations also make sense, says Carreiro, since it’s summer and most of us want to lighten up and put aside our foundations anyhow. Conceal where needed, and you’re done. Her product recommendations; Makeup Forever Face and Body Liquid Sta Put and Avon Extra Lasting Foundation.

Date night makeup tips: Apply a natural glow

Instead of your usual blush application, try a cream blush that you apply before you apply your lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer. “This will give you a glow from within, and layered it underneath will help it hold better,” says Carreiro.

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Date night makeup tips: Go with shimmery eyes

To add a lightness to your eyes, she recommends just a wash of a sheer, shimmery shadow in a neutral colour such as champagne, and finishing with some eyeliner to make your lashes look thicker (If you want something with more oomph, try a coloured liner such as purple, she adds). Opt for waterproof mascara if you’re going to see a tearjerker of a movie on your date (or, of course, if you anticipate an epic goodnight kiss in a rainstorm, just like in the movies).

Date night makeup tips: Style your hair simply

Keep your hair touchably soft and effortless looking – skip any mousse or gels that dry crispy, and make sure your hairspray is a movable, flexible variety.

Date night makeup tips: Go easy on the fragrance

fragrance preference is so subjective and you get use to the scent you wear all the time (so you may not realize how much you’re putting on anymore), if you really prefer to wear it on your first date, Carreiro recommends limiting your application to just a spritz behind each knee.

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