Let’s be honest. We could all do with a little help looking more awake and refreshed come Monday morning. We say fake it ‘til you make it (it being those eight hours of shut eye you missed out on) and look you spent your weekend with cucumber slices on your lids. Just follow these eye opening makeup tips from senior makeup artist with M.A.C. Cosmetics, Caitlin Callahan.

Line the inside of your eye
Rimming your eye with a light-reflecting eyeliner is a triple threat – it will add brightness to your eye, reduce redness and make them appear bigger. “Try a cream coloured liner on the inside of the eye,” suggests Callahan. “It extends the white of the eye without being white and harsh, the cream looks softer and more natural.”

Curl those lashes

It’s an instant eye-widening fix, and if you have time to do only one thing (because you hit the snooze button one too many times) to look more awake, curl your lashes. “Focus on the outside corner lashes,” Callahan says, “to really lift the eye area.”

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Falsie it up

If you’re dead tired and really need some extra impact to make your eyes appear bigger, Callahan suggests adding in a set of false eyelashes. “If you use a false lash, try one that has the longest length in the center of the eye (M.A.C. #33 lashes is a great choice). It looks very natural and opens the eye,” she says. An added bonus: You can then skip mascara (and any smudging that comes with it) that could make you look even more tired.

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Think neutral
A heavily lined eye, dark colours and grey tones will only emphasize tired eyes. Instead Callahan says to opt for natural colors to really make your eyes appear bigger. “Apricots, ivorys, browns, peaches, golds are very flattering in the daytime, especially when the sun decides to come out,” she says. To really enhance your eyes, try a hit of shimmer. “Mineralize shadows have a very subtle frost,” says Callahan. “Just apply in the center of the eye for a flash when you blink.”