Pink is one of Fall 2013’s most wearable fashion trends from oversized coats to designer bags. As luck may have it, pink is also a hot commodity for beauty this season, where
pink lip colours are making a serious comeback for autumn (think Diane von Furstenberg, Badgley Mischka and Marni). We teach you how to select the best pink lipstick shade with expert makeup tips from Grace Lee—Lead Makeup Artist for Maybelline New York Canada.



1. The incentive

The trick to using pink lipstick is to have a reason to wear it (besides beautifully kissable lips). “A pink lipstick definitely gives off a feminine, pretty vibe. Pink is the universal colour for pretty in my opinion,” says Lee. Pink has a way of complimenting all hair types, eye colours and makeup looks with ease—something we don’t see with all other shades. “Pink adds a pop of colour to your makeup without being as dramatic as applying red to the lips,” adds Lee.


2. The statement

Choosing a pink lipstick from the colour spectrum should be done with your personal style in mind. “Consider if you want to go really bold, or with something that’s just a slight hint of pink,” says Lee. “Comfort level with colour is definitely a factor as you don’t want to scare yourself with something really bold if you aren’t used to it.”



3. The texture

The underdog of lipstick elements, the texture of a product also plays a role in how it appears. “Also consider what texture you want—matte or glossy, sheer or opaque. Deciding on the texture makes a huge difference in the final look,” says Lee. Texture can also dictate whether you should do a solid colour or a more
sexy stained lip. There’s really no right or wrong answer with these makeup tips—choose the finish you like and apply accordingly.

Three more makeup tips for finding the right pink lipstick await you on the next page…

4. The skin tone?

We tend to look at
lip colours as a commentary on our skin tone. Unlike darker, bolder shades similar to red (which have specific hues dedicated to warm or cool skin tones), pink lipstick is an easier product to work with. “I think instead, it is always good to focus on your comfort level with your lip colour,” argues Lee. This means that no matter your skin tone or season, you can pick and choose your pink lip shade based on personal preference (there are no rules—the sky is the limit!).

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5. The whitener

We guarantee this is one of the more unexpected makeup tips you will hear about sporting pink lipstick. “One tip all women should know is that if your pink lipstick has a purple undertone, it will make your teeth look more yellow. Blue based pinks will make them look more white,” says Lee. (This is when you start to wish you paid more attention in high school art class, where opposing shades on the colour wheel can emphasize the good, the bad and the ugly in the world of beauty.)

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6. The beauty look

Be spontaneous with a pink lip and choose your shade after deciding on your full face of makeup. “It all depends on how bold the lipstick is. If it’s super bold, I love it with a shimmery eye with a little liner,” says Lee. As a result, you can mix and match
metallic eyes with a loud, notice-me hue of hot or deep pink lip colour. “If the lipstick is more of a soft pink, than it looks great with a grey smoky eye. The combo is lethal, a must-try,” says Lee. Picture a
reinvented smoky eye with a petal or frosted pink lipstick to make a statement with just a whisper.

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