The looks created by makeup artist Donni Davy on acclaimed HBO series Euphoria changed the way many people view makeup. They not only got everyone talking about their colours, sparkles, elaborate eyeliner and stickers but also inspired us to take greater risks and literally colour outside the lines. Sydney Sweeney, one of the show’s breakout stars, was also inspired. “Beauty is a journey—a journey that belongs to me,” says the American actor. It’s no wonder, then, that the 25-year-old (who was also much loved in the first season of The White Lotus and will be starring in Madame Web, a new Marvel movie, later on this year) was chosen as the face of both the new Armani Beauty refillable fragrance My Way and the brand’s Luminous Silk makeup range. We recently spoke with Sweeney about her beauty world.

What does it mean to you to be a spokesperson for Armani Beauty?

“I’m still pinching myself! It’s a real dream. It’s a really exciting partnership because I’m a big fan of several products in the range—as well as Giorgio Armani himself. Being part of this big family and being the face of this divine perfume makes me happy.”

Which products do you like the most? 

“I started working with my makeup artist, Melissa Hernandez, six years ago, and she introduced me to Armani Beauty’s Luminous Silk foundation. The moment she put it on my skin, my relationship with makeup changed dramatically. It made all the difference. I introduced other great products into my beauty routine too, such as the Neo Nude liquid blush and Lip Power lipstick. I have been won over!”

What’s your relationship with beauty? 

“My philosophy is ‘I am what I live.’ For me, it’s important to create my own path, to be curious, to free my mind and to be independent, even when it comes to beauty, which comes first from within.” 

How would you describe your daily beauty routine?

“Really simple! I experiment a lot with makeup for work— putting myself in the shoes of different characters or creating looks for red-carpet events—so in my daily life, less is more. A little concealer, blush on my cheeks and on the tip of my nose, a spritz of perfume and voilà!”

And if you want a look that’s a little more glam? 

“I’ll add a dash of eyeliner. I’m not yet good at drawing a very straight line, but I’m practising! I also like to create a smoky eye using glittery eyeshadow.”

How has working with Donni Davy changed your relationship with makeup? 

“I’m definitely more adventurous than I used to be. She showed me that there are no rules—that you can cross barriers and not confine yourself to one look or one way of doing things. Makeup is a way of expressing yourself. I’m a free spirit, so that speaks to me.” 


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