More and more hybrid beauty formulas have been popping up lately and we could not be more thrilled: who wouldn’t want to reap multiple benefits from a single product? We’ve already hopped on the lip and cheek tint bandwagon, not to mention our love of fringe-fortifying mascaras and multiuse hair products. Our latest obsession? Lip “bloss”. You’ll see: once you’ve tried these beautifully nourishing, shine-enhancing combinations of lip balm and lip gloss, it’s hard not to keep reaching for them. While some go on clear, others provide varying intensities of colour—but all of them offer superlative hydrating and nourishing benefits, as well as a shiny finish. These seven lip balm and gloss hybrids are your ticket to a softer, plumper-looking pout (and you won’t even need a mirror to apply most of them).