2023 is shaping up to be Hailey Bieber’s year and we’re just living in it. As one of society’s prominent it-girls, it’s no surprise that when Bieber acts, we notice. Case in point: last year’s viral glazed donut nails and her recent bob haircut moment had everyone heading to the nail and hair salon, respectively.

In June 2022, the Arizona-born model and influencer put her name to something that wasn’t just a trend. The self-proclaimed “skincare product junkie,” launched rhode, a line of simple and intentional skincare products. With the focus of giving a natural, dewy glow and improving the skin’s moisture barrier, rhode’s first round of products instantly sold out when they hit the US market. At a mid-price range, the buzz for the brand put Bieber, 26, on the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list last year, cementing her entrepreneurial status. Now, almost a year after rhode’s initial release, the skincare brand is available in Canada. It’s only fitting for Bieber, who splits her time between California and Ontario, where her husband, pop singer Justin Bieber, is from.

Ahead of the launch, we chatted with Hailey about the inspiration behind rhode, her skincare journey and her favourite Canadian activities.

How does it feel to have rhode’s products being launched in Canada?

It feels really crazy to finally be launching somewhere else outside of the US. I think it feels the most right for me to take it to Canada first. I’m just really excited—I’ve seen so many people asking for it in Canada. If I could have gotten it there sooner I would have, but we really wanted to take our time and make sure that everything was ready and set in place, so I’m just very happy that the day is here.

Where did the idea for rhode come from?

I’ve always wanted to do something within the world of beauty. But I think for me, it felt authentic to start with skincare. All of my makeup looks and even when I’m even doing my own makeup, everything is very skincare first focused, because I’m just so hands on about taking care of my skin. It’s something that I really love and I’m passionate about.

I also knew rhode was the name that I wanted to use—it had been on my mind and my heart for so long. It just was kind of a matter of how do I get started and when, and then the pandemic hit. I felt like I finally had the time to start having the conversations and I just started making phone calls [about my] idea. I [talked to] people that were in the [skincare] space and I was very clear on my vision and what I wanted to do and now almost three years later, we are launching in Canada.

What were some of the key pillars you had in mind when building the brand? 

What was always most important was the efficacy of the products. I really wanted [rhode] to be a great product-first brand, and the products could speak for themselves. I wanted the formulas to be very specific and very effective with ingredients that I trust, and that I know to be good and that have really worked for me and my skin. The aesthetic of the brand was [also] so important to me, [and] I wanted it to just be chic, simple and to the point. My role in the brand continues to be Creative Director, so the packaging, the aesthetic and all the branding are the things that I stay focused on. [Also] the product development stays at number one for me.

I never want to put excess into the space and into the world because there’s so many incredible brands [and products] to choose from. For me the way I felt like we were going to stand out was having this mindset of a curated [set] that have a great formula, with a great aesthetic and awesome branding. [We created] this world that people could just be a part of and feel like they have something that they love to use.

Eli Russell Linnetz

What has your journey been like with skincare?

My journey with skincare has always been [about] finding what has worked for me. I was saying this to someone before, [but] our skin changes so much. It changes so much in our environment—when we travel, when you’re in the cold or in the hot, if you’re PMS-ing—there’s so many factors for women that can really change your skin and have an effect on your skin. My journey has been [about] trying to listen to my skin and understand it and know what kind of skin type I have and products that have not worked for me. I have really sensitive skin, [and] products that I would use now wouldn’t be what I use maybe even three years ago. My skin at 16 and 26 is not the same. You have to listen to your body and listen to your skin and understand what it needs at certain times.

What is your morning skincare routine?

I don’t always wash my face in the morning. I definitely always rinse it [though] because I found that it helps me maintain the moisture in my skin. The only time I wash my skin in the morning is if I put on tretinoin the night before because I don’t want to leave any excess of that in the daytime. I usually do a water rinse in the morning, a hydrating toner or essence, the Peptide Glazing Fluid, the Barrier Restore Cream and SPF. I never skip SPF—it’s my one rule for the daytime.

What’s one thing that surprised you about having a skincare brand? 

You never know what it’s going to be like [when you start a brand] until you do it and you’re in it. I think I was surprised by how fulfilling it’s been for me. I feel so passionate about what I do with this brand and about being the Creative Director and Founder and pushing forward all the product development. I really feel like I found my thing with [rhode.] I’ve had times in my life where I was questioning what I’m passionate about and what I really want to do [in life] and I feel like I found that with this brand. It’s been so fun and fulfilling and exciting.

Eli Russell Linnetz

What’s one product you’d love to make with rhode? 

Something that has always been on my mind [for the brand] is a natural progression into makeup products. For me that looks like makeup and skincare fusion, with a skin-first focus.

Bringing it all back to Canada, what are your favourite things to do when you’re in the country?

When [Justin & I are] there, we definitely like to just hangout. We wake up, go get our coffees and a little hashbrown at [Tim Hortons.] We have a place in Canada that’s kind of near Justin’s family and we just like to chill and be in nature. Sometimes it’s fun to go into the city and catch a [Toronto Maple Leafs] game—just your regular old Canadian things.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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