Katy – our favourite California Girl – has been pushing the boundaries of beauty ever since her “cherry chapstick” days. (Anyone recall a blue wig or two?) Now she’s launched her new Katy Kat Collection with CoverGirl, and as expected, she’s pushing those boundaries even more. Her first shot at designing for the big beauty brand includes a black lipstick and blue mascara. We caught up with the star in New York City to hear all about the creative collection, and get a sneak peek of what she’s wearing to the Met Gala.

How Katy is changing the makeup game…

“[For the collection,] I wanted a variety of classic colours, and shades that would fit all skin tones. But I always push the envelope and try for the unique look. I know CoverGirl has been around forever and they’re super classic, but they’ve never had a black lipstick. I’m like, Guys, it’s 2016. Go online, go on tumblr! Everybody’s wearing black lipstick. I wanted to cover the classics, but also bring in my own spin, which is loud and bright, playful and definitely unique.”



Katy Kat Matte Lipstick in Perry Panther ($10.99), at drug stores and mass-market retailers. 

How Katy makes a statement without a blue wig…

“Black [on your lips] is very tricky, because it can get everywhere… Perry Panther is great because it stays and it’s not too matte. It’s very high fashion. Hair colours used to be my accessory. But even if you don’t have time to do very much, you pop a black lipstick on, and you’re still saying something. You’re still making a statement that’s cool and edgy, and unique and different.”


 Katy Kat Eye Mascara ($10.99), at drug stores and mass-market retailers.

Her unexpected Met Gala essentials…

“I’m wearing a really large thing tomorrow, which will be very difficult to use the restroom in. I might just wear a diaper! There’s a lot going on with the dress. I already know that I’m going to wear the Perry Panther, and I’m going to attempt to wear the Perry Blue mascara. I’ll keep everything a little more simple.”

How she preps for the big night

“New York is all about nightlife and lack of self-control. So I’ll try and put myself to bed tonight [Sunday evening]. But it doesn’t start until later; it’s not like a morning thing. I’m not great with mornings. But I’ll have a facial this evening, and I’ll do some of those LED lights, which are probably a crock of crap! But I do it anyways.”

She did not wake up like this

“I never go to sleep with makeup on. I don’t wake up like that; I look like a potato! (laughs) I love dabbling with makeup, and I always have. I like highlighting whatever you do have. I do some lasers and slight peels, not anything heavy.”

She’s still having fun with her style evolution

"It seems like it’s very hard for me to be understated and demure. When I’m on the road, or promoting my music, I definitely turn it up a few notches, and sometimes it can be a bit cartoony. I’m trying to go less cartoony because I feel like I was doing that for so many years, so I have to definitely evolve. But I do like prints, and I like humour. Anything that has a little bit of tongue in cheek to it, that tells a story. I get to make a statement, however I present myself. So I tell stories through my clothes, and that’s why I’ve been fond of designers in the past who kind of take the piss."

Her spirit animal is…surprise…a kitty cat.

"Throughout my life I’ve had several cats. And one of them in particular, Kitty Purry, has been the cat that changed my life. Kitty Purry is fantastic; she’s super independent. Kitty and I met when she hopped through the window of my boyfriend at the time. I just love their independence, and their unique qualities. And I guess I just relate to them as far as like, some kind of spirit animal bullshit, you know?"

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