Hands up if you’ve ever got your hair stuck in a hair dryer.


“Hair dryers can be heavy, inefficient and make a racket. By looking at them further we realized that they can also cause extreme heat damage to hair,” says James Dyson, founder of the eponymous company that miraculously made vacuum cleaners seriously sexy. So they decided to get in the hair care game.

Over the last four years, Dyson developed 600 different prototypes before landing on the Supersonic Hair Dryer ($499.99). The motor is in the handle, and there is no traditional grill or filter, so there’s nothing for your hair to get tangled in. It’s also extremely quiet: engineers set one tone in the motor to a sound frequency out of audible human range, which means morning showers without waking up everyone in your house are now a reality.

The ELLE Canada team got an exclusive chance to test out the dryer before it launches. (Go here to see it in action!) For a successful DIY blowout, Matthew Collins, hairstylist for Dyson, says sectioning off the hair is key, “especially in a hot summer when you’re sweating.”

“To start, I would section from the top of the head to behind the ear, then start drying the back,” he says. If you have straight to wavy hair, rough dry hair until it’s about 70% dry before sectioning. For curls, section hair, then lightly dry the ends before blowdrying from the root with a round brush. “If the ends are really wet, they will get tangled,” explains Collins. Because of the motor placement in the Supersonic, you can execute these steps without stopping every two minutes because your arm is tired (long/curly/thick-haired girls, we see you). “Everything feels really sturdy,” says Collins of using the dryer. 

The Supersonic comes in two colours, fuchsia/iron and white/silver, and will be available online in August at dysoncanada.ca. 

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