What: The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder, a new 82-piece makeup and skincare line available exclusively at Sephora. 

Who: Models and social media stars Irene Kim and Kendall Jenner are the faces of the new millennial-minded line.

When: This Friday July 8th, follow us on Snapchat at @ELLECanada to watch Irene help unveil Toronto’s new Sephora store (it’s the largest in North America!!) and share her beauty secrets for keeping her face on point all day. 

Why we love it: The focus is on transformative, high-performance products. (Think things that fix or enhance fast.) We can’t get enough of the Lip Flip ($26), a lipstick transformer that takes your fave colour up or down; the Edit Eyeshadow Palette ($60), with shades selected by Kendall Jenner (including two that give a glow-in-the-dark effect under the black lights at a club); and Dissolve the Drama ($36), a makeup remover and cleanser with aloe vera and cucumber that removes highly pigmented makeup.


The Estée Edit