More is more when it comes to makeup and drag queens. But, as Willam Belli – drag queen, comedian, singer and YouTube star – explains, “do as I say, not as I do!” Here, he reveals how to incorporate his techniques into a flawless everyday look.

Okay, what exactly is baking or cooking your makeup? Cooking is used to really hit your highlight outta the park. It started because some queens put extra powder under their eyes [editors’ note: typically after applying concealer and foundation] to catch eye makeup fallout from ruining their foundation. (I do my eyes and then foundation, so to each their own.) Letting it sit there while you finish up your face and dusting it off just allows it time to kind of melt and really settle in to make it pop. It works, but it is also problematic if it is not removed completely or the wrong product is used such as mineral makeup or HD powder. This has been the blame for famous makeup mishaps with Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie.

Contouring – yes or no and why? Contouring in the wrong hands turns into clownturing. I like to build it into my concealer base using cream colours and then put my foundation on over it. Same thing with blush. I think a cream blush placed under foundation works the best. That way it shows through the skin the way your face does when it naturally blushes.

What do you think of Caitlyn Jenner’s contouring? I don’t really notice any contouring on Caitlyn – which is the sign of amazing contouring! It should be enough to direct the eye what to focus on but not enough to outright say, “hey look I contoured!”

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How do you apply foundation? I apply foundation with a brush, usually. If it’s going to be a long day or a day outside, I might prep with some Milk of Magnesia to stop the sweat from revealing all the man that lurks below the product! [Editors’ note: This is an antacid, check with your health professional before using it on your skin.]

What is your must-have beauty product and why? My favorite must have beauty product is a good, reliable black eye pencil. My favorite is Tarred by OCC Makeup ($16 USD). I apply it on my waterline and smudge it into my lash lines and it stays put.

What are your tricks of the trade for applying false eyelashes? Layering! Curl lashes and apply mascara. Fit wispy strip to your eye and glue down. More mascara to help cement the fakes in with the reals. Cut another strip in half and place it from mid pupil to outer corner. Put final half from outer iris bending up toward crease. Throw a little more mascara on. It is always easier to do this in a mirror that’s below your eye level.

What trend would you love to see women embracing? People are so concerned with what they put in their bodies but so few know what they’re putting on their skin. I like to use preservative-free, cruelty-free makeup that hasn’t been tested on animals. Test on me. I’m a drag queen. I love makeup!


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