BOHO BELLELaunchMetrics Spotlight

At Chanel and Courrèges, the half ponytail brought the romance with wavy, unruly locks that perfectly framed the face and girlie barrettes that kept hair in place but still carefree. Opting for this low-fuss style will also extend the life of your blowout. Your BFFs for copy-pasting this look: volumizing, shine-infusing hair-care solutions.


BALLERINALaunchMetrics Spotlight

Balletcore fashion comes in all kinds of tulle and satin skirts, pastel leotards, shapewear tights and ballet shoes. In beauty, it manifests as buns, which are worn tight or loose and are braided, sculpted, sleek, knotted or twisted.


PLEXI REALNESSLaunchMetrics Spotlight

Time to bid buh-bye to wet hair and extend a warm hello to the plexiglass look. This avant-garde take on the slicked-back hair that’s been in favour for multiple seasons is super shiny, ever so-slightly textured and far more malleable than its gel-stiff predecessor.


HAIR FOR THE GODSLaunchMetrics Spotlight

In the words of Dolly Parton herself, “the higher the hair, the closer to God.” High buns and towering, sculptural braids elevated by moment making shapes, twists and turns are behind these gorgeously-gravity-defying updos.


RIBBONS AND BOWSLaunchMetrics Spotlight

The limelight-stealing star of this season’s runways? The ultra-femme bow, which adorned ponytails, buns, braids, headbands and even cheeks. One thing’s for certain: These bows have nothing to do with coy girlhood ribbons; they’re bold, badass and very much en vogue.


BOWLED OVERLaunchMetrics Spotlight

Believe it or not, the star ’do of the season is the bowl cut. And there’s one for every mood: long and tapered; short and layered; cut perfectly straight for an edgier, androgynous look; or straightened for an artsy vibe.