We hunt down the best hairstyle trends for 2011 from the runways to red carpet looks. With such a bevy of options, this year is a great year to opt for a new style and experiment with a new hair look.

’70s redux, shellacked hair and the return of the blonde
The spring runways were filled with different types of hairstyles, so take your pick! Go funky with punk hair, super blonde, frizzed out ‘70s-inspired hair or try one of the countless buns and twists. This season it’s a bevy of hair options.

Work to rule: Hair styling tips
Get stylish hair in no time by making sure you’re using the best products and tools to get the job done. Experts share how to get the most mileage from your styling tools and products.

Hairstyles 2011
Looking ahead to fall 2011, hair is going to be all about mixing textures and adding accessories. Our picks on the best runway looks of the season.

Celebrity beauty: Curly hair
Always envious of celebrities’ perfect coifs? So are we. From perfect pin curls to unruly manes (natural or not), we love these celebs sporting curly hair.

Celebrity hairstyles
Long hair isn’t always the best bet. We think these stars need to take a page out of Halle Berry’s book and change their long hairstyles to short and chic.

Celebrity beauty: Wavy hair
Thick, wavy hair is a red carpet must for celebrities. From loose, carefree waves to a polished vintage vibe, here are a few of our favourite celebrities with wavy hair.

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