There are many questions one may have when presented with the opportunity to talk to a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but because I hop on the phone with Sara Sampaio just days before Valentine’s Day, I have only one very pressing matter on my brain: flowers or chocolate? “I mean, both. But I’m actually not a big chocolate fan,” the Portuguese model laughs. “I like chocolate, I’d just rather have candy. I like Skittles—anything that tastes like eating sugar.”

Of course, I’m not meant to be talking with the Moroccanoil beauty ambassador just about the day of love and romance. We caught up with Sampaio to find out her best hair care secrets, must-have products and favourite snacks.


On her ideal Valentine’s Day

“We don’t do much. But I like getting flowers—it’s the little thoughts that count. It’s knowing that the other person thought about you and sent you something.”


On her daily hair routine

Because I always get so much product put in my hair while I’m working and use a lot of hot tools that damage the hair, if I’m not working, it’s just all about taking care of it and hydration. I make sure I use Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. Also I do a hydrating mask once a week. I like to let it dry naturally. And then I’ll put a little bit of Moroccanoil Treatment on my ends and that’s pretty much it. I just let it breathe.”




On post-workout hair care

“I keep [my routine] the same. I’m very lucky that I have good hair. But I know that if I have to go to a meeting, I’m not just going to go with wet hair, so I’ll blow dry it, use a little texture spray and run it through my fingers. Sometimes to get a little wave in it, I’ll do a low bun for just a bit, then let it go so it’s not straight.”


On her perfect hair day

“I like it when it looks like very cool-girl hair—like there’s a bit of a wave. I do like sexy hair, but there’s a very specific type of wave that I like that makes it look like my hair is wavy naturally. But it actually takes a while to do that with a curling iron.”


On her essential hair products

“Definitely the Moroccanoil Treatment. It’s my go-to for anything—for when my hair is wet, dry, for styling. It really is my favourite, favourite product. I love some dry shampoo sometimes when I don’t have time to wash my hair and it gets a little bit greasy. There’s also this infusion cream that Moroccanoil has that helps with split ends. I love the consistency of it.”



On her fave beauty looks

“I love experimenting with looks for red carpets. That’s when I really try to do something different, like bold eyes or a bold lip. In my day-to-day, I just keep it very simple and let my skin breathe as well. I use foundation, obviously, and concealer where I need to cover spots. Then I do a lip colour, a little tint on my eyes, mascara, a little contour and highlighting. But red carpets are definitely when I have the most fun. I’m obsessed with makeup.”


On her favourite healthy[ish] snacks

“I’m a huge snacker. But my idea of a snack is not very healthy. My favourite snack is this Indiana Kettle Corn popcorn, it’s my everything. It’s so good. But lately I do tend to eat a little healthier. I’m obsessed with the oats and honey Kind Healthy Grains Bar—it’s easy for on the go and when I need a little energy.”


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