We are more than ready for spring – now if only the weather would cooperate. Although it’s still a tad chilly to be breaking out your bold florals pieces and flapper-inspired dresses, what you can do is update for your hair style, or even your hair colour. We spoke to Eric Del Monaco, L’Oreal Consulting Stylist and owner of Del Monaco Hair Studio in Toronto, for the hottest updates when it comes to hair this season (check out some of our favourite spring runway looks here).

Hair style makeover: Give your hair colour an Old Hollywood twist
“For blondes, look to Old Hollywood glamour for inspiration,” he says. “That very white blond is coming back – think Gwen Stefani.” You have to, of course, have the dramatic look and style to pull off such a shimmering hair colour, though. For something more subtle, he suggests going with a blonde shade the colour of spun gold, “it’s also light, but in a softer tone,” he says. For brunettes, ask your stylist to work in some caramel tones through your hair colour for a fresh for spring look.

Hair style makeover: Sweep hair up, but keep it loose and soft
“Long, loose braids, and fishtail braids, but very loose and soft, are still big this season,” says Del Monaco. Rather than an updo with hair all pulled back and up in a knot, the vidual effect is more of the hair spinning on top of the hair, he says. To pull it off, he suggests using a large curling iron or some large Velcro rollers to give body to the hair so that it’s easier to work with. Lean over and spray with hairspray or work in a light paste, and then casually brush all of your hair off to one side. Braid, keeping it thick and very loose. “If your hair is fine, before braiding, rough up each section of hair using the hair paste until your hair is puffed up, and then braid loosely.”

Another hot braided look? Milkmaid-style braids (think Dianna Agron at the Screen Actors Guild Awards). Starting with the same method as above (with hair textured through some hair spray or paste), part hair extremely low on one side and then start a braid on one side and work all the way around and pin into place.

Or skip the braids altogether and style your hair into a ponytail, but keep it very soft and undone looking rather than slick. “Just pull back loosely into place, and have one side covering the ear and the other with the ear exposed,” says Del Monaco.

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More ways to update your hair style this spring on the next page … 1-new-year-new-hair-style-page-2.jpgHair style makeover: Experiment with temporary extensions
Temporary, clip-in extensions are still popular (while the ones that last for months are less so). If you’re trying clip-in extensions for the first time, Del Monaco recommends investing in ones made of real hair (“The synthetic ones can look tacky,” he says). The key to pulling off these clip-in versions without anyone knowing? “It’s important to tease the section where you’re clipping it in right at the scalp,” he says. Also make sure you’ve placed it so that you have enough hair on top of the extension to cover the clip (“It helps to have a mirror in front and in back of you,” advises Del Monaco).

To care for your extensions, Del Monaco says it’s key to hold up the extension by the clip at all times during shampooing and conditioning (“Otherwise the hair can get tangled easily,” he says). Then lay the extension on a towel, pat and let air dry.

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