Quarantine is as good a time as any to try out a new DIY hair style – just ask Miley Cyrus, who debuted a pixie mullet today, cut by none other than her mother, Tish. After posting some style inspiration pictures on her Instagram story of Debbie Harry and the Runaways, Cyrus debuted her shorter hair with a selfie.

With many hair salons still closed in the U.S., Cyrus’ hairstylist Sally Hershberger (responsible for the mullet haircut Cyrus had been rocking prior to the recent chop) reportedly guided Tish over FaceTime as she snipped at her daughter’s hair – though it did not turn out exactly as planned. “Miley sent me over a picture for inspiration, but this pixie mullet is completely different than the original inspiration photo,” she told People.

However, Hershberger said that Cyrus was ultimately happy with her pixie-mullet hybrid. “Miley loved the final look as much as I did! It’s so cool and daring to mesh together two styles into one that really expresses her own sense of style,” she told People. “She’s such a great client to work with since she’s so open to trying new looks. We were both really happy with how the haircut turned out and I’m sure her mom will keep tweaking it a bit.”


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