Spring is finally (!) on the horizon. The change of seasons often inspires an appearance refresh, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to switch up your hair colour. Whether you want to make a bold colour move or add a subtle change to your signature shade, there are endless ways to update your look. We spoke to some of Toronto’s top hairstyles and colourists to get the latest intel on colour trends for summer. 

Subtle Chunky Highlights

As we predicted, ’90s-style highlights recently made a huge comeback. Going into spring, expect to see this continue, but with a softened twist. “In the ’90s you would see the chunks everywhere, but [now] we’re keeping the top area of the hair softer with more depth underneath,” says David Nadicci, L’Oréal Pro Portfolio artist and owner of We Are We Are hair studio. Keep the tone of your highlights a shade brighter than your natural colour to amplify the hairline without going overboard, à la Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. “Do it in a way that’s still wearable and not so Grammys runway,” says Luis Pacheco, colourist and founder of Medulla & Co. and TO112. “The blocking is still there, it’s just not as aggressive.”

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High-Definition Hair

In the last couple of years, we’ve been moving towards bigger, more defined colour,” says Pacheco. “Everything that we see on our phones is backlit, so our eyes have become accustomed to seeing something that’s vibrant.” Hair colour trends are reflecting the filtered lens of social media as we move toward multi-tonal looks. Nadicci agrees: “People want those shiny colours because they’re in our face everywhere, like on Instagram and YouTube. We’re seeing everyone with this shiny hair, so ashy colours are going to the wayside.” Ask your stylist for a blend of warm and cool tones, which will add vibrancy and create a sense of movement in the hair.

Rooted Colour

“Margot Robbie always kills it on the red carpet but this year her rooted blonde was the star of the show,” says Jason Lee, hairstylist and owner of Jason Lee Salon. “It feels fresh because it’s effortless yet done.” The blonde is kept bright and sparkling, while darkened roots add depth and definition. For dark hair, reversing the look creates a “hot root” effect (think Billie Eilish’s signature slime green roots). “The roots are these vibrant colours and the ends are a dark shiny black,” says Nadicci. “[Billie] still has so much shine in her hair, and that’s what makes it look good.” The number-one rule with roots is to keep the hair glossy so the look feels polished and not like you’re overdue for a touch up appointment.

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Warm Balayage

“We have seen the end of the heavy ombré, where the roots are one colour and the ends are another,” says Lee. Nadicci agrees. “We’re not seeing so much ombre anymore. It’s kind of on its way out, but people still want depth in their hair.” Opt for warm shades and soft transitions to keep dimension in the hair and add a subtle sun kissed effect, as worn by Priyanka Chopra. “Warmer tones evoke happy emotions,” says Pacheco. “It’s brighter, it’s happier.” And a bit of extra warmth is definitely welcome after a particularly dreary start to the year.

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