Hair campaigns, with their penchant for dramatic slow-motion shots of women sporting impossibly shiny, never-been-touched-by-a-hot-tool, Rapunzel-length hair, are second perhaps only to fragrance campaigns in terms of aspirational glamour. A new commercial from L’Oréal Paris is decidedly more realistic. Shot on a smartphone in Eva Longoria’s bathroom, the actress and longtime L’Oréal spokesperson colours her own grey roots with Excellence Crème triple care hair colour (in this dark brown shade, if you’re wondering).

“When my L’Oréal family approached me to do this campaign, I was excited to direct this first of its kind commercial,” said Longoria in a statement. “It’s a challenging time for everyone right now as we try and juggle all of our responsibilities and the needs of our loved ones, but it’s also important to remember to take care of ourselves. In this commercial, viewers can see how easy it is to get expert results and the confidence boost they deserve while at home. Self-care is self-worth and now, more than ever, we are all worth it!”

In the video, Longoria admits that she thought she would be ok to let her hair go au naturel. “I’ll be honest, for a second I thought: ‘Okay greys, I’m ready to see you. I can handle this,’” she says. “But I’m not – I’m not ready for this much grey.”

Longoria parts her hair and applies the formula, only where it’s needed, from back-to-front, then massages it in. Thirty minutes later, she rinses out the dye and applies conditioner.

Eva Longoria shows off her grey roots.

Waiting for the hair dye to do it’s thing.

Rinsing out the colour.

The final result.

The campaign video will air on television in the coming weeks, but you can watch it now on Instagram and below.


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