Having a tumultuous relationship with your frizzy hair is never a good thing, not to mention a major stress-inducing rapport we’d rather live without. Stop the cycle and breakup with frizzy hair with these tips and tricks to silky smooth hair you will love forever. We enlist the tried and true advice of Dr. Rolanda Johnson Wilkerson—Pantene Pro-V Principal Scientist and Domenic Tomei—Hair Stylist at TIGI Haircare for expert tips on beating pesky frizz for good.

SIMPLE HAIRSTYLES to try this summer

1. Frizzy hair mistakes you’re making—and how to fix them

In order to stop frizz at the root of the problem, you need to determine what errors you’re making to cause unwanted frizz in the first place. “Many women who are prone to frizzy hair often use thermal styling tools to help straighten the hair. When this is the case, it is important to use a heat protector to save the hair from heat-induced damage. Also minimize the amount of heat used in the hair to combat the frizz,” says Wilkerson. And if you’re guilty of over styling, you need to be aware of the correct way to use your tools. “Improper combing and detangling is a mistake. Using a spray leave-in (try TIGI Hair Reborn Colour Protecting Tonic) can reduce friction and using a good quality wide-tooth comb really helps,” adds Tomei.

Preventing frizz before it starts will only increase the likelihood of smooth, healthy hair you’ll be proud to show off—but you can’t over wash. “People with thick, curly and frizzy hair tend to over wash their hair,” says Tomei. Washing more than once every other day will cause dehydrated, frizzy strands—although many women mistakenly think moisture will calm frizz. “Try re-styling as an option on wet or dry hair with products like TIGI Hair Reborn Colour Protecting Tonic or Catwalk Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo,” adds Tomei. 


Women who are prone to frizzy hair should also pay attention to the weather. “Excess moisture is the enemy of smooth hair. It rearranges the pattern of hair very quickly causing frizz. This is why it is important in humid, rainy weather to protect the hair either with styling products, by covering the hair when out, or minimizing the time exposed to the inclement weather,” says Wilkerson.

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anti-frizz-hair-article-0002.jpg2. How to get rid of annoying frizz and stop flyaways in their tracks
If you’re doing everything right and still experiencing frizz, there is hope in correcting the problem. “Damaged hair is more susceptible to moisture moving in and out of the strand, uplifting the cuticle and making hair less smooth. Try to avoid excess styling practices that can cause damage to the hair,” says Wilkerson. Attempting to flat iron hair or add beachy waves with styling tools can enhance frizz rather than banish it, so embrace your natural style, especially in the summer (even if this means braids and chic updos).

Kick frizz to the curb by removing damaged strands or split ends and use anti-frizz products with loads of vitamins to keep hair shiny and healthy with a little TLC. “Give your hair a good cut to get rid of some of the damage and wear your natural texture, especially when your lifestyle demands don’t require over styling,” says Tomei.

The BEST ANTI-FRIZZ PRODUCTS for smooth hair

3. Ways to handle frizz based on your hair type

The length and texture of your hair will dictate your vulnerability to frizz and flyaways. “Having straight hair enables women to combat frizz using thermal styling tools that can help smooth the hair. The downside to this is when used in excess, this can be damaging to the hair,” says Wilkerson. “For curly hair, because of the natural bends in the hair strand where the hair curves, there can be some degree of cuticle uplifting which can give the effect of frizz. It is important to use an anti-frizz product which will help to smooth the hair and add needed shine to combat the appearance of frizz,” Wilkerson adds. With that, you can kiss frizz goodbye and say so long to flyaways without looking back.

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