The frizz. The frays. The fuss. It must be summertime! The summer months certainly do a number on our delicate locks that are exposed to heat, humidity and chlorine while on vacation. From braids to buns—and all the products in between—we make summer hair easy with these expert hair care tips to make your next summer getaway as relaxing as you dreamed.

1. Summer hairstyles at the beach

Time spent lounging on the beach or wading in the water rules out high maintenance summer hairstyles. Instead, opt for a chic side braid that has the ideal amount of style and function for the beach. “This will keep the hair tangle-free, protected from the elements, and can be styled to suit any taste,” says Nina Farrauto, a colour and styling expert at Garnier. Try other messy updos or simple ponytails to keep hair under control and to avoid constantly reaching for the brush and spray. Charles Baker Strahan—celebrity hair stylist for Herbal Essences—reminds beach babes to use hairpins rather than elastics to allow your hair to expand and contract with ease as it dries between dips in the lake. This will prevent breakage and keep your hair looking fresh when you head home from the beach.

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2. Summer hairstyles at the cottage

Because you’re spending time on the dock, the deck and the beach at the cottage, your normally hydrated hair is getting fried in the sun’s rays. “To help protect from sun damage, try an oil treatment can be used before, during or after your time in the sun to help your hair restore moisture and mitigate any damage from the elements,” says Farrauto. Farrauto’s fave? Garnier Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment. When it’s time to style, pin your damp hair up into a top bun and use a light spray or mousse to tuck pesky flyaways in place. “Either leave your hair as is, or release and let your curls go wild! This tip is great for straight hair looking to gain some waves,” says Strahan. Whether it’s up or down—your hair is guaranteed to be problem-free.

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summer-hair-styles-page-2.jpg3. Summer hairstyles for a road trip

With the radio cranked up high and the top rolled down, your hair is in for a blow out treatment by the wind (not quite the same as the blow out you get at the salon). Give your hair a break and embrace the chic yet disheveled look with messy, beachy waves. Start by working a thick mousse into your hair to add volume and curl and let the breeze do its thing when you’re in the car. “This will give you a tousled, textured and low maintenance style on your trip, and it can last for days using a dry shampoo on the roots,” advises Farrauto. Alternatively, if you’re looking to standout from your girlfriends and avoid piling on the product, try throwing on a fashionable headscarf. “A chic scarf used as a head band or a wrap can be a fabulous alternative to a ponytail and can make a statement even in a tank top and shorts,” says Strahan. This means your hairstyle will be unique and effortless on the road!

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4. Summer hairstyles at a wedding

With so much to do to prep for a wedding, your hair doesn’t have to be the root of all pre-wedding woes. “Hair this season is all about a deconstructed, done but ‘not done’ look, which is why for wedding season, messy low buns are a winner,” says Farrauto. You don’t even need a brush to throw your locks into a messy bun that will have the groomsmen swooning. The key to ultimate wedding hair? Don’t over think your look! “At weddings people often try too hard or wait until the last minute to try new looks. When addressing your outfit, think about the silhouette and lines and use it as a cue for your do,” says Strahan. Remember these simple summer hair tips so you can focus on your vacation fun this summer.

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