The latest celebrity to hop on the blonde bandwagon is none other than the usually brunette Emily Ratajkowski.

The model and actor posted a photo of her new look – platinum blonde with some trendy natural brown roots peeking out – on Instagram yesterday: “BLONDE. Thank you @kerastase_official 🤍 #kerastase,” she captioned the selfie.

EmRata also hopped on TikTok to share her new hairdo, lip syncing as a natural brunette to the audio clip, “I’m not going to do it girl, I was just thinking about it.” Seconds later, the video cuts to her new appearance as a blonde. “I did it,” she deadpans.

Ratajkowski used products from the Kérastase Blond Absolu range with help from Rosa Carrico, the global president of Kérastase to transition to blonde, sharing the process on her Instagram Story. She has rocked a variety of hairstyles and colours, from bobs and bangs to red and a less-permanent blonde hue – but the current blonde look is the real deal.


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