If your mainstay hair tool is a flat iron or curling iron, you could be missing out on some new ways to
style your strands. There are a few tools you may not have tried that can help take your tresses from limp to luxurious. Whether you want to get the long, flowing locks seen at Calvin Klein’s spring/summer 2012 show, or the
romantic waves worn by models at Band of Outsiders, we did some digging to discover some simple yet innovative ways to create the look you want.

Mordechai Avlov is a celebrity stylist and founder of YAROK Haircare. He loves using hair tools in unique ways to achieve looks that flatter, and has lately been using his go-to techniques to create hair styles with a retro vibe. "Fashion and hair styles are looking classic and feminine, resembling the 1950s," he tells us. "Think pinup girls meet PanAm flight attendants, but less structured."

Unlike during the 50s, where you would have had to spend hours at the salon with a head covered in rollers, all you need now are the right tools.

Avlov provides some tips and ideas for creating waves and volume in new ways.

1. Use a flat iron to create waves
A flat iron can be used not only to create poker straight strands, but it can also be used to create curls and waves. To curl your hair with a flat iron, place the flat iron close to the roots, then wrap hair around a one inch section, twist and then slide the flat iron from the roots to the ends in a fluid motion. Repeat all the way around the head. Be sure not to rest the flat iron in one place for too long, or you’ll get a ‘kink.’

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2. Use two different sized curling irons
The softly-structured 1950s-inpsired look can be achieved quickly, with different sized curling irons and set with the help of a styling lotion, Avlov explains. Use a larger barrel curling iron for lift and volume at the roots, and then a smaller one towards the ends to create a visible, more prominent wave.

If you simply want some added texture, similar to the natural-looking waves we spied at Alexander Wang, try alternating hair sections around different sized barrels, which creates a more subtle wave over your whole head.

3. A double-barrel curling wand
Avlov uses a dual thin barrel curling iron (two barrels attached to one handle) for his editorial work to create natural-looking, yet extremely defined waves. To get the look prep dry hair with a styling lotion or styling mousse. Take the desired section and start rolling the hair on one barrel to the next creating a figure eight pattern with each section of hair. The size of the wave will depend on the size of the hair section you choose to work with. Hairstylists call this look figure eight waves, Avlov says. You then can brush hair to get some frizz, comb if you want a sleeker look or use your fingers to blend.

"Every time I use this tool on a client they are almost shocked to see it, and surprised at the way it’s being used," Avlov says. Try Rsession Tools’ Nalu Waver, a double-barrelled curing iron, available at folica.com.

4. A clip-free curling iron
The other tool Avlov cites as a unique way to achieve waves is the clipless curling iron, which comes with a heat-proof glove so you won’t burn yourself. Simply wrap sections of hair around the slim wand-like barrel to create volume and curl. Try Conair’s Infiniti You Curl, available at conaircanada.com. There are also some companies who have created clipless irons with interchangeable barrels, depending on the style of hair you wish to achieve. Amika Triple Barrel Pro-Curler Set comes with three tourmaline barrels (19mm, 25mm and 32mm). Available at Sephora stores.

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Rowenta Versa Style
Use this multipurpose hair tool to create just about any look, from curls, to waves to pin straight strands. The Versa Style is meant to replace roller sets, curling irons and your flat iron, giving you versatility and convenience. It heats up to 400 degrees in under 30 seconds and the tourmaline coating smoothes frizz and leaves locks looking shiny. Available at rowentabeauty.ca.

If you ever use a flat iron to straighten, and then plug in a curling iron to curl the ends, this tool eliminates the need for both. The rotating hot iron can be used to straighten and curl – or both – depending on the look you want to achieve. Available at instyler.com.

Kevin Murphy Wave.Clip
Smooth frizz and tame flyaways on naturally curly hair or create smooth waves on straight hair. The unique-looking tool clips onto hair (apply product first) and then heat each clipped section with your hair dryer for either enhanced waves or fast frizz-smoothing. Available at kevinmurphystores.com.

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