“You have gorgeous skin!” Rather than just hearing people exclaim that to you in your dreams, we say make it happen in real life. Yes, it can happen. Worry less about fine lines, wrinkles or any problem areas you have on your skin and focus on giving it a natural, dewy glow that will leave you with fresh, healthy looking skin. That suppleness is synonymous with good health and youth and these seven simple rules to creating the perfect dew will get your skin there, stat.

Glowing skin must #1: Exfoliate well

Look for a
facial scrub that does double duty – that has both chemical and physical exfoliants – says Holly Sherrard, who is the education manager at the International Dermal Institute in Toronto. Physical exfoliants, such as silica, rice meal or corn cob meal, will help buff the surface of the skin and make it softer. “Then a chemical exfoliant, such as salicylic acid or lactic acid, will penetrate further and give you more results by tackling blackheads,” she says. Exfoliating regularly will also allow your moisturizer to better absorb and hydrate your skin.

Glowing skin must #2: Skip the foundation

If you have fairly flawless skin, why cover it with foundation? Even out any red spots (around the nose, for example), but other than that, let your skin shine through with very little product, says Vanessa Jarman, a Toronto-based makeup artist with Page One Management. If you have problem skin, then opt for
luminous foundations that have a pearlescent formula. “These types of foundation will have properties that will help brighten the complexion with very little effort,” she says. One she favours: Dior Hydra Life Pro Youth Skin Tint SPF 20.

Glowing skin must #3: Powder sparingly

Powder will give a matte finish to the suppleness you’re seeking – so hold back on it. Only powder where necessary, which, for most people, says Jarman, is around your nose, the hairline and forehead if you tend to be on the oily side. If you’ve had to apply foundation all over your face (see above), and you want your bronzer or blush to have more staying power, she suggests lightly dusting some powder underneath your cheekbones.

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Glowing skin must #4: Highlight your face strategically

A highlighting product is your glow-getting BFF. Jarman suggests using a product such as Nars Copacabana on features you want to make pop, such as your cheekbones, underneath your browbone, the bow of your lip and the bridge of your nose. If you want an even subtler highlight, using a blush brush, lightly apply a pearlescent shadow (don’t forget eye shadows – Rimmel Mono Eyeshadow in Glam Ice is a fantastic option for highlighting) instead. Or, for all over luminosity, you can even add a tiny bit of Nars Copacabana directly to your foundation, she says. “Use only a little—or your entire face could sparkle like a disco ball,” she says, adding that you should make sure to apply this in natural light so you get a true sense of your makeup’s finish.

Glowing skin must #5: Experiment with different formulas and tools

Practice makes perfect, so play around with different textures and get comfortable with
different tools, whether it’s your fingers, a brush or a sponge, says Jarman. Always use a light touch and buff out so it blends seamlessly with your skin. Even if you’ve used a brush or sponge, use the warmth of your fingers to help buff down the makeup with a few light rubs. “This will perfect what your other tools couldn’t do for you,” she says.

Glowing skin must #6: Try H2O for quickie dewiness

The fastest way for a natural, dewy look takes just a second – keep a bottle of a water atomizer such as Vichy Eau Thermale Spray or Evian Brumisateur Mineral Spray. Spritz onto your face from an arm’s length away (any closer and you risk large droplets of water clinging and messing up your makeup, says Jarman). And, of course, make sure you have waterproof mascara on that day or you’ll have some raccoon eyes to tidy up.

Glowing skin must #7: Oops, you did it again! You’ve over-highlighted

You haven’t mastered the art of highlighting for a dewy look and you look more greasy rather than glowy. You have one of three options, says Jarman: Powder the overly shiny areas; apply some foundation to neutralize the shine; or take a facial wipe and sweep off those areas and start with some fresh, luminous foundation, buffing it out into the rest of your makeup.

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