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  ELLE Canada beauty director, Vanessa Craft A big congrats to our very own Beauty Director,
Vanessa Craft, for being awarded Beauty Editor of the Year at last night’s
P&G Beauty & Grooming Awards. To say that Vanessa is a beauty savant is an understatement. This woman can ogle/paw with the best of them when
Tom Ford’s latest product lands on her desk, but more than that, she always strives to bring creative and thoughtful storytelling to her section. Her witty POV is a must-read every month. Here’s what’s on the mind of this award-winning editor this afternoon…
What’s your current beauty obsession and why? “I just discovered Wella’s Dynamic Fix 45 Second Crafting Spray. I found it in the beauty closet and used it to blast my hair as big as possible before the awards and I don’t know how I lived without it. You spray, then have 45 seconds to create your look before it sets. A game changer.”
2. The beauty product you’d love to create? “Hairdresser in a can. Pick your style, spray and head out with your Jennifer Aniston/Beyonce/Freya style of choice.”
Read on to find out the beauty sin she most often commits. It will shock you…

3. The beauty sin you most often commit?
“I am lazy and use face wipes from my bedside table way too often. They’re good in a pinch, but not something to use all the time – they don’t get your face as clean as it needs to be. Cue blocked pores and irritation."
4. The beauty sin you never commit? “I will never wear a lip liner that is not the same shade as my lips. Actually, I will probably never use a lip liner period. And even though I’m lazy (see above), I never go to bed without at least attempting to take my makeup off. No matter how exhausted I am.”
5. How many products do you use in one day. (Be honest!) “Hmmmmmmmm… Cleanser, sunscreen, primer/mattifier, foundation, powder, eyebrow pencil, mascara, blush, lipgloss, deodorant, toothpaste, body wash, body lotion, perfume… And that’s just the morning routine. I’m going to estimate 20+??
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