In the throws of summer pool parties, barbecues and beach time, most people in the fashion and beauty biz are fully in the midst of fall. At the moment, despite the 35+ heat outside, I’m planning my fall editorial beauty features for the site, gazing at pretty runway pictures of dark lips, heavy eye makeup and subdued hues.

Some looks I can’t wait to try out come chilly temps and fall months, others I like so much I want to try them out right now. Case in point: This crop of easy, messy
hairstyles from the fall runways that are simple enough to pull off now (
summer’s humidity and frizz will actually help the textured looks) and will make great transitions hairstyles. Check them out below!

Blamain‘s messy
I-don’t-care hair will let your
natural wave and texture shine through — minus the drying, products and hairstyling time.
Love, love,
Celine‘s super textured, untidy, side-parted pony. Also really like the detail of the hair placed over the ear, but that may be a bit bothersome and hot for summer. No need to worry about slightly frizzy hair here!