The quest for super healthy, shiny, perfect hair never seems to be over. With all that we put our tresses through (styling, colouring, shampooing) it’s no wonder that even the best of us look down and see a slew of split ends and damaged strands.

The best way to achieve gorgeous hair for the long term is to rely on a maintenance routine of good-to-your-hair habits. We’ve rounded up our best tips for getting your hair back in prime condition and preventing those bad hair days due to damage.

How to treat damaged hair
After all we put our hair through it’s no wonder it’s limp, dry, dull and down-right damaged. But not to fret, you can get your hair back into a healthy state with the right tools, products and tips. We’ve gathered the best expert advice on how to get your gorgeous hair back.

Quick fix

Summer takes a toll on our precious hair. Thankfully we’ve found quick fixes for fried, lacklustre and sun-damaged strands.

Simplify your hair routine
With all that we put our hair through (we’re talking straightening, curling, blow drying, twisting, pulling, colouring, etc.) it’s no wonder our locks are screaming out for a little TLC. The best way to get your hair back to its shiny self is to simply take a break from all that wreaks havoc on our locks. We asked the experts to dish on how to simplify your hair routine and get back to basics.

The best hair advice from the experts
Hair problems happen – it’s a fact. From getting into a hair rut, to split ends, bad colour choices, frizz and damaged locks, we can all use a little advice and help from hair care experts now and then. Their simple and easy secrets can help take your mane from blah to ultra-shiny, healthy tresses fast. So don’t fret about your over-worked tresses, or updo slip-up, we solve the biggest hair issues here!