Breakouts, red spots and dry patches are reserved for teenage skin, right? Wrong! As sad as the truth may be, skin-related issues affect all of us at any age. The good news is that there are a variety of
skin care treatment options available to you. The key to winning this beauty struggle lies within simple dermatology secrets and makeup artist tips (trust). Use this skin care tutorial as your ultimate guide to attaining clear, even and flawless skin.


Dermatology treatments for a flawless complexion

If your skin is prone to frequent acne blemishes, oil and itchiness, book an appointment with your dermatologist to fix these skin care concerns at the root of the problem. We spoke with Dr. Lisa Kellett—a Toronto based medical dermatologist—for her easiest skin care secrets to a flawless complexion.

1. Be sun savvy

Stop those dark areas and sun-induced lines before they even start. “Avoid the sun. This means sunscreen everyday, a hat and avoidance. The best way to treat sun damage is to prevent it,” says Dr. Kellett.

2. Stay away from smoking

This is basically a given—if you want to have flawless skin and keep it for life, avoid picking up a cigarette. “Don’t smoke. Smoking, via a number of mechanisms, results in dull looking, unhealthy skin,” says Dr. Kellett.

3. Exfoliate daily

Use the right exfoliant (and use it often) to clear your pores of impurities for healthy, flawless skin. “The fastest and cheapest way to get healthier-looking skin is to exfoliate,” says Dr. Kellett. “The caveat is that you must use the
right cleanser. It cannot be foaming as they are often too drying so use a gel-based exfoliating cleanser with small particles.”


4. Get a good facial

Facials are a great way to revitalize your skin, but make sure you’re visiting an experienced aesthetician. “Avoid extractions during facials, they can cause scarring, marks and cyst formation,” says Dr. Kellett.

5. Use Vitamin C and retinol

Adding natural elements back into your skin to boost its tone and texture without harsh chemical residue is vital. “Apply a
Retinol 1% liquid nightly. Retinol acts to remodel collagen, which is one of the building blocks in the dermis of the skin,” says Dr. Kellett. “Apply a Vitamin C 25% or higher liquid in the morning as it acts as an antioxidant and is helpful in decreasing brown spots.”

Makeup tips for a flawless complexion on the next page…
Makeup tips for a flawless complexion

Improving your skin with the help of a dermatologist is only stage one in the process to achieving
flawless skin. Once you’ve found a skin care regime that works for you, use these makeup tips from Jacquie Hutchinson—National Product Trainer and Makeup Expert for Revlon to finish off your look for a photo-ready, clear complexion.


1. Set the tone
To ensure maximum coverage and a perfect look, use a powder to create your flawless complexion. “Always set your makeup with powder. For longer wear and a smoother finish, apply powder with a sponge or pat powder on for fuller coverage,” says Hutchinson.

2. It’s all in the foundation

Foundation helps to buff out unevenness and hide blemishes with ease to boost skin tone. “Apply your foundation by using long, smooth strokes. Then add a second layer to areas that need extra coverage using a firm, patting motion,” says Hutchinson.

3. Prime for perfection
Keep up that flawless skin by priming your skin. “Use a primer. This helps things set so complexion looks polished and makeup wears longer,” says Hutchinson.

4. Hydrate!

To prevent dry skin and flaky patches, be sure to moisturize and exfoliate with a gentle milk or cleanser each day. “Exfoliate to renew skin and moisturize for healthier skin,” says Hutchinson.

10 FOUNDATION RULES to live by

5. The importance of makeup removal

Never skip the important daily chore of removing makeup at night—it’s an essential phase in maintaining clear skin. “Always remove makeup before bed,” says Hutchinson. “Your cleansing routine should consist of two steps. Remove makeup with a makeup remover. Thoroughly cleanse skin with a washable face wash. If you are prone to breakouts, use non-pore clogging makeup.”

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