NAOMI-WATTS-l'orealImage courtesy L’Oreal Paris.

Ahh, this news makes me happy. Particularly because I’m still riding the happy fumes of St. Vincent, a tear-inducing flick about an unlikely friendship between an eight-year old and an old boozehound played by Bill Murray, and of course, Naomi Watts. Her character is charmingly offensive, playing a lady of the night (inside joke until you see the film).

Let’s hope she’s sleeping in this morning, basking in the glory of this important news: she’s just been signed as the new face of L’Oreal Paris. Naomi Watts has been named spokesperson for  English born, Australian-raised Watts joins Julianne Moore, Freida Pinto, Eva Longoria, Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton and Blake Lively, who announced her partnership with the brand late last year. While I failed to roust her from that presumed slumber, here’s the statement she supplied L’Oreal with:

“I am deeply honored to join this inspirational brand. L’Oréal Paris has been telling women for decades that they are ‘worth it’—this is not a slogan, it’s an inspirational mantra," says Watts. "L’Oréal Paris embodies much more than legendary products, it also promotes self-affirmation, self-confidence and allows each and every woman to value herself no matter what her age, background or nationality."


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