brow-spirationGorgeously kept brows at Vanessa Bruno, Fall 2013. All images courtesy of

If there’s one thing you can take away from fall beauty this season, it’s that full, lush brows are definitely coveted.  Beauty editors have been preaching about how thick, full, statement eyebrows are a key beauty trend last season, this season and will talk about them even into next season, and it’s not only because they are really, really obsessed with eyebrows. It’s because it is literally on every model. The basics are this, ladies. Stop plucking. If you have to pluck, only pluck those few stray hairs beneath your actual brow. Then fill ‘em in (
read our tips here for how to fill in your brows). Unless you’re blessed with the intense set of brows that Cara Delevingne has, you’re going to need to whip out that pencil and brow powder. Here are some brow-spirations to keep you motivated to banish your tweezers (for the time being), and an extra dramatic one to test out if you have the beauty nerve.