In between tweets, updates, meetings, dinner dates and after parties, you barely have time to get your beauty sleep, let alone wake up a few minutes early to extend your beauty routine. Looking pretty and polished is not optional – so we found ways to cut a few makeup corners that will equal less time in the mirror, but still a pulled-together, unfrazzled you.

1. Try a foundation stick

You can skip
foundation and concealer if you use a foundation stick. “It’s easy to use and does double duty since a stick is more highly pigmented then a liquid (offering better coverage),” says makeup artist Diane Carreiro of Page One Management. “Blend with your fingers to save even more time.” She suggests swiping the stick across the cheeks, forehead and chin then blending it well into the surrounding areas.

2. Keep some Vaseline handy

Don’t dig through your collection of cosmetics when you’re in a rush. A jar of Vaseline petroleum jelly will moisturize lips, add glow to cheekbones, tame brows and take off makeup, says Bree Powell, a makeup artist based in Toronto.

3. Start applying mascara on your lower lashes

You’ll wonder why you never thought of this before: Do you usually apply mascara to your top lashes first and wait for it to dry before doing your bottom lashes? Carreiro suggest starting with your lower lashes then doing your top lashes (where you tend to put more mascara on). “This way you don’t have to wait for them to dry nor do you have to put the tube down while doing something else,” she says.
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4. Skip shampooing and use dry shampoo

Cut loads of time by not shampooing and blow drying your hair. Greg May, owner of Toronto salon Greg May Hair Architects, suggests using an aerosol dry shampoo (“It more evenly distributes the product,” he says) and tipping your head down and spraying some section by section focusing on the roots, working your fingers through your hair as you do. “Finish with a blast with your blow dryer on the cold setting,” he says. If you find you can see some white residue, simply rub into your scalp with your fingers. “Your fingers are naturally emollient—rub until the colour disappears,” he says.

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5. Use the same product on your cheeks and lips

“Applying a product like Too Faced Full Bloom Lip & Cheek Colour with your fingers will save loads of time,” says Carreiro. Don’t worry about having too much of the same
colour on your face. “The colour will appear different on the lips and cheeks because of the base colour— skin tone versus the pink pigment of your lips.”

6. Apply one shimmery shade to your eyes

A great eye shadow application takes time for blending. “Skip an entire eye of shadow and instead use your fingers to apply a champagne shimmer like May Kay Creme Eye Color in Beach Blonde on the entire lid and into the inner corner for a bright-eyed look,” says Carreiro.

7. Dry your manicure in a jiffy

You couldn’t bear the idea of heading out with bare nails, but now your
nail polish is wet and you have to get going. “Dip your nails in ice water for a few minutes and it will quickly dry them,” says Powell. When you have time, she suggests getting a bottle of CND SolarSpeed Spray, which also works quickly.

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