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Summers seem to get busier and busier each year. Weddings (I’m at that stage where all my friends are tying the knot), backyard BBQs, concerts, road trips, vacations – those extra hours of daylight equal a very full schedule. But I’ve found 3 secrets to saving time at least through my beauty routine that I’ve adopted this summer. They’re super easy and will not only save you time, but leave you with a fresh,
natural summer beauty look.
1. Tinted eye lashes My esthetician at The Ten Spot is my new best friend since she started tinting my eye lashes. I used to always battle smudged or flaking mascara that ended up making me look tired even when I wasn’t. But eye lash tinting gives me glossy, black lashes (I have naturally dark blonde hair, so my lashes are quite light) on both the upper and lower sets (I never, ever put mascara on my bottom lashes for fear of getting major raccoon eyes). Now in the morning I just curl my lashes and go. Bonus: They’re totally cry proof for sappy weddings, beach friendly and perfect for travelling (see what
beauty items our editors never travel without here).

2. Wax, wax, wax I never used to be a fan of waxing – especially my eye brows, but constantly plucking was both annoying and taking up too much time. A quick
eye brow wax will keep your brows in check for at least a few weeks (just make sure they only remove hairs under your natural brow line to make sure they stay thick). And you’ll be amazed how much clean brows stand out on a bare face (try a sweep of blush or bronzer, touch of powder and that’s it). Save time shaving, too, if you get your underarms and legs waxed too.
3. Buffed nails I’m a nail polish fiend (check out our
50 + summer nail polishes), so it actually hurts my heart for me to say this. Go bare with your nails. Give them a break from the polish, the nail art and the shellac. Not only will your nails thank you for a chance to breath, but a clean, bare, buffed nail goes with anything, won’t leave you with unsightly chips and saves you loads in shellac money. That doesn’t mean you just skip the polish and go. Nails should be filed into your best nail shape (round or square), cuticles pushed back, and using a nail buffer, buffed until smooth (no ridges!) and shiny. I’ll take that any day.
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