3 easy tricks to the best fake tan ever from Sophie Evans

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best-fake-tan-tips-sophie-evansGet bronzed the fake way this summer. Image courtesy of Leda & St. Jacques.

You know that when you’re itching for bronzed skin this summer, getting a tan the natural way is not an option. One, it’s a UVA/UVB disaster and can leave you burned or, worse, with major sun damage, and two, it will definitely cause premature aging. So
sunscreen is a must, but you still want that golden glow. Sophie Evans, the queen of gorgeous fake tans, has worked with luxe bronzing brand
St. Tropez for 14 years and bronzed up some of Hollywood’s elite. We asked Evans for her top three rules to getting the best fake tan of your life.

1. Exfoliate. This is key! Dry skin and flakes collect tanning solution and could leave you with those dreaded streaks or extra-dark areas. “Remove all the dead skin and rough patches around the elbows, knees, ankles, knuckles and legs,” says Evans. “You can do this either the night before applying your tanner or right before.”
2. Moisturize. It may sound counterproductive, but you’re really only moisturizing those areas where extra product can build up (i.e., your elbows, ankles, knees and wrists). “The moisturizer will help dilute the tanner so it won’t absorb as much into your skin and be as dark,” explains Evans.
3. The secret to contouring. We’re not talking about drawing in your own set of Beyoncé abs, but sometimes a little extra contouring around the arms and legs can instantly make you look slimmer. “Make sure you have a ‘base’ fake tan first,” says Evans. “Then go in with a darker spray tan and spray approximately six inches away from your body. Add definition to your arms by spraying a question-mark pattern around the upper portion of your arm and just along the edge underneath your arm–from underarm to elbow.” Hello, toned arms!
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