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Today’s consumers are increasingly seeking skincare solutions that enhance their beauty and align with their conscience-driven values. From ancient Ayurvedic remedies to innovative botanical discoveries, U.S.-based skincare brand Apsara Skin Care has become a front-runner in offering Ayurveda-based skincare solutions.

Sheetal Rawal, the visionary founder of Apsara Skin Care, represents the epitome of innovation and authenticity. Her remarkable journey has been defined by her passion for Ayurvedic wisdom and her relentless pursuit of crafting natural and effective skincare products.


A Passionate Genesis in the Kitchen

Apsara Skin Care began with Rawal’s childhood hobby, mixing spices and herbs from her mother’s kitchen cabinets, which led to skincare potions she mainly used on herself. These innocent experiments laid the foundation for her future in the skincare industry.

As a scientist in human genetics, Rawal had an insatiable curiosity, which led her to explore Ayurveda, India’s 5,000-year-old system of health and well-being, and to create skincare products rooted in natural ingredients and Ayurvedic principles.

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Rawal’s vision was simple yet profound—to craft cruelty-free Ayurvedic beauty-care products that take a more natural approach in their skin-friendly formulation. Leaving behind the world of DNA analysis, she discovered many potential natural remedies for her acne-prone skin through extensive research and experimentation with Ayurvedic ingredients.

Within a few months of serious play, Rawal had invented a serum (Jojoba Facial Serum) and a face mask (Sulfur Facial Mask) that worked wonders on her skin and became the most needed inspiration for the birth and growth of Apsara Skin Care.


Ayurvedic Ingenuity Meets Modern Skincare

As Apsara’s reputation grew, so did its product line. Its product range is thoughtfully formulated with time-tested ingredients and a fusion of modern science and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom. 

Using the finest natural ingredients, Rawal has formulated various skincare products, includings the Carrot Seed Face Lotion, Sweet Almond and Wheatgerm Facial Serum, Root of Vetiver Herbal Facial Cleanser, Evening Primrose Facial Serum and many others.

Apsara’s products address multiple skincare, hair-care and body-care concerns, targeting  skin issues such as dark spots, acne and oily skin; they are formulated to meet the user’s unique needs and preferences and deliver healthier-looking skin.

Among Apsara’s extensive product line, the ROOP Saffron Bright Skin Potion has become a bestseller, attracting glowing reviews from satisfied users. This product harnesses the potent properties of saffron, which is known for its antioxidant and skin-evening properties.

Price: $116 USD


Apsara’s thoughtfully curated skincare sets, such as the Apsara Ayurvedic Glowing Skin Set, offer a high-performance trio designed to leave the skin glowing without harsh chemicals. Similarly, aits Age Defense Skin Care Routine is ideal for those seeking to combat signs of aging and achieve firmer, more vibrant skin.


Transforming the Industry, One Satisfied Customer at a Time

In addition to formulating skincare products, Rawal has also expressed her passion for educating her audience through various platforms, where she shares DIY facial masks and home remedies. “Sales happen automatically when you build relationships with people and genuinely care about their well-being,” she says.

This passion has resulted in the rise of Apsara’s loyal customer base—a community of nearly 500,000 cumulatively on Facebook and Instagram—with word-of-mouth sales becoming a significant growth driver.

“I am thrilled to hear from users that their skin is radiant after going natural with Apsara,” says Rawal. “I would like them all to look and feel like apsaras [Sanskrit for ‘ women of unsurpassed beauty’].”


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