Featured Story By: Tom White


Modena Smart Home has introduced its latest innovation, Conceal, a new architectural flush-mount system for seamlessly integrating switches and outlets into your home designs while eliminating the visual clutter of conventional lighting controls. Modena Smart Home is a design-focused brand developing innovative products for the home. Its mission is to develop products that embody a vision of the future that inspires and excites by integrating technology in an unobtrusive way that won’t distract from your design.

Founder and CEO Jean-Louis Iaconis says the company combines user-inspired features, bold designs and meticulous attention to detail in everything it does. With Conceal, the team listened intently to both homeowners and trades to develop a product line that beautifully complements modern home designs while preserving a familiar installation method. He notes that Conceal’s separate electrical box, flush-mount mud ring and depth-adjustment shims are familiar to trades and allow for final adjustment to ensure a perfect installation every time and a luxury aesthetic that beautifully blends into your walls.

Iaconis explains that preserving compatibility with other products and conventional construction techniques was a key priority when developing Conceal. As a result, Conceal is compatible with all Decora-style switches, dimmers and receptacles from leading manufacturers. Conceal’s device mounting depth is adjustable, ensuring a perfect flush finish regardless of which switch or outlet is installed. The Modena team also intentionally made Conceal wall boxes oversized but maintained a standard depth; this makes the wall box compatible with conventional construction while giving electricians extra room for wiring and terminations. And the screwless wall plates—they attach magnetically—are easily removable should you ever need to replace a light switch or access the wiring in your walls. Iaconis says the Conceal system is full of tiny details like these that may go unnoticed at first but collectively reflect the innovation, engineering and attention to detail that have gone into developing the system.

“At Modena Smart Home, we focus on bringing users luxury home devices that simplify their everyday lives,” says Iaconis. “We value the beauty that comes from simplicity and minimalism and have made it our mission to develop products that embody a vision of the future that inspires and excites. We believe technology should enable your design vision, not distract from it. Our innovations are guided by the principle that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Therefore, everything we create is not only beautifully designed but also simple to use. Conceal is a simple but sophisticated trimless architectural flush-mount system for discerning homeowners who demand—and deserve—attention to every detail.”

The founder recalls how he conceived the idea for Conceal, adding that whenever he renovated his home, he was always frustrated by the fact that there were countless options for customizing nearly every surface in his home but when it came to light switches—the fixtures we interact with most often in our homes—there were painfully few options. He explains that he wanted something that was different and unique—something that would simply disappear into the background rather than draw attention to itself. By eliminating the visual clutter of conventional switch plates, Conceal aims to do just that.

Iaconis says Modena recently unveiled Conceal at an exhibition in Vancouver to an overwhelming response from both homeowners and professionals. He looks forward to growing Modena’s reach across Canada and the U.S. and is hopeful that Conceal will become the industry standard for elegantly integrating lighting controls into modern homes.


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