Victoria Unikel, a well-known artist and media mogul in the U.S. entertainment world, was once a singer and actress in Europe and now runs several companies that she founded—including VUGA Media Group, 24Fashion TV and Gossip Stone TV—and frequents top fashion shows. Her TV channels feature A-list-celebrity shows starring the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Emma Stone, Eva Longoria and many others. 

The fashion channel she founded sees millions of views and features runway video from top brands such as Missoni, Saint Laurent and Ferragamo. At first glance, she appears to be another entrepreneur and Miami socialite; however, upon meeting her, it’s obvious that she is far more than that. 

Unikel has been silent on Instagram for months, focusing on her debut childrens sci-fi adventure novel, Emma + Luke = Disappear to Nowhere, and her latest art collection. Now shes ready to show her work to the world.

I have many names, I have many faces, now its time to show you the real one,” she captioned a recent Instagram post that featured her latest painting.

A self-made millionaire who was born into poverty, she lost her mother to cancer when she was in her 30s, and she concealed her self-proclaimed channelling abilities in earlier life out of fear of bullies.

I live between worlds—the worlds of luxury, fashion and style and the separate world of quantum physics and the multiverse, where much of the inspiration and information for my art and writing come from,” says Unikel.

How do you describe glam and fashion?

“My 24Fashion TV channel motto is ‘24Fashion—always be fashion.’ You choose the character, style and mood that you want to project out in the world with what you wear. But this is only true on our planet. Other worlds have different rules, and I cover them in Emma + Luke = Disappear to Nowhere. The first novel in this series is in pre-release now, with an official release scheduled for September 1 of this year on most international online platforms and in stores such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Walmart and Apple Books.”

Styling and photography by: Sasha Blaim. Makeup by: Oxana Drobysheva. Photoshoot produced by: Airy Gold

Whats the story behind your new book?

“Its a sad story. My mother passed away at home, and under her pillow was a slip of paper describing an earth boy and girl who were suddenly transported to another planet. The book is about them and their adventures. I didnt realize it would take this long and that my life would be turned upside down.”

“Maybe it was a connection with my mother—a deep loss. But when I sat down to write and asked my inner voice for inspiration, I got more than I bargained for. The information I received became a torrent—far more than I needed for the story of a boy and a girl. What I saw through channelling, obviously, were actual places in the universe, in galaxies far from our own, with wildly different beings, cities, planets and technology.”

What do you want to accomplish in 2024?

“I know that Emma and Lukes story will become a bestseller in a couple of years. Its heroes are a girl and a boy who are 10 and 11 years old and who accept responsibility for one another, our planet and righting all injustice. This will be a great year—its only the beginning of my creative journey. I have a new art collection being released soon, and Im planning to participate in several exhibitions. I’m also concentrating on growing all my other business projects.”

Styling and photography by: Sasha Blaim. Makeup by: Oxana Drobysheva. Photoshoot produced by: Airy Gold

Is there fashion in your book?

“Of course! Intergalactic fashion! One of the characters on the planet Elorah, a trendsetter named Rolena, always wears the latest styles and trends—the coolest flying sandals, for example, among other fashion items. But fashion is different on Elorah. Its about following utilitarian tech trends and not just showing off ones uniqueness.”

Styling and photography by: Sasha Blaim. Makeup by: Oxana Drobysheva. Photoshoot produced by: Airy Gold

Whats fashion for you?

“A focus on individuality. We all have different personalities and superpowers. We are all a combination of things, not just one thing all the time. Something is changing all around us, and itll affect my personal style too.”

How did you get into channelling, and how are you using this ability?

“I actually always thought that channelling was more a disability than an ability—the antithesis of ability. Imagine a huge stream of information bombarding your brain—symbols, images, theorems. I usually hid this gift.Only my closest friends knew. Recently, I received more information than usual and decided to use it in my life and my creativity. I have a word to describe this: ‘trancerealism.’ Details for my book, new artworks—it all came from trancerealism.”

“My new art collection is far from being called nice. Its provocative, rebellious and scandalous, and soon it will be revealed to all of you!”


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