“In the global tourism landscape, where travellers’ footprints grow ever larger, sustainability becomes a necessity, not just a preference,” says Suet Ki Chu, the innovative CEO behind Global Linkers Travel Limited. This thought-provoking remark sums up the profound coexistence of innovation and sustainability.

Travel has undergone a massive shift in recent years, propelled by a growing awareness of its environmental and cultural impact. Travel cannot stop, yet mother nature’s spiral does not pause either.

As the world grapples with climate change and cultural-preservation challenges, Chu’s work is part of a movement that harmonizes the thrill of exploration with sustainability principles. Global Linkers Travel Limited is a game-changer in these turbulent times and is setting the course for eco-friendly tourism.


Pioneering Geotourism With Indigenous Wisdom

“Our goal is not merely to take people from point A to point B but to enlighten them, make their travel meaningful and ensure that it benefits both the traveller and the host community,” explains Chu. 

In an ambitious endeavour to combine tourism with ecological and cultural preservation, Chu has partnered with Indigenous landowners in Australia’s Torres Strait Islands. This collaboration aims to encourage tourists to respect and celebrate Indigenous heritage by giving them an immersive experience.  

Travellers are traditionally drawn to popular travel locations that make headlines for their beauty. Chu flips the script by spreading the word about authentic Indigenous landmarks that personify rich cultural and geological heritage. The unique travel itineraries curated by Chu and her dedicated team not only provide opportunities to snap the perfect photo to rake in likes and shares on social media but are also great ways to brush up on cultural knowledge and map out the world’s best-kept secrets.


Connecting Cultures Through Sports, Education and Music

Chu’s impact on the tourism industry is in large part thanks to her ability to reinvent the norms and connect high-value Asian travellers with global attractions that shine in terms of geographical and ecological value. 

For example, Chu tackled the JC Cup in 2023. The Asia and Pacific U-11 soccer competition, which took place in Nagoya, Japan, epitomized her belief in sports as a powerful vehicle for cultural exchange. By bringing together young athletes from diverse backgrounds, Chu facilitated a unique learning experience that outshone the conventional tourist itinerary, fostering understanding and camaraderie among participants from various corners of the world, including China, Hong Kong and Japan.

Leaving no art form out of the limelight, Chu also showcased extraordinary event-management skills with Charmaine Fong’s London concert, titled How Are You London. The musical event was an inspirational success that brought Cantopop singer-songwriter-actor Charmaine Fong to a European audience. 


Award-Worthy Travel Initiatives

No good deed goes unrewarded. Back in 2022, Chu received Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Services Award, which was bestowed upon her by CORPHUB, an international media platform for Asian enterprises.

Another noteworthy feather in her cap was her attendance at the Smart App Awards 2022/2023. Hosted by the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association and sponsored by Create Hong Kong, this event gathered innovative awardees and attendees from across Asia.  


The Global Imperative of Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

Challenges block the path to sustainable tourism, but it is a journey worth taking. With each step, we learn, adapt and grow stronger in our resolve,” says Chu, acknowledging future hurdles. As an industry disruptor, her vision for the future is about adapting to change, shaping it and ensuring that tourism continues to be a force for good.




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