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Each region of Portugal, from the lush vineyards of the Douro Valley to the golden beaches of the Algarve, tells a unique story, inviting travellers to delve into experiences that blend traditional charm with modern luxury. As you consider your next travel destination, these top seven travel packages offer carefully curated experiences that showcase the very best of Portugal. From the serenity of the Azores to the bustling historic streets of Lisbon and Porto, each package is designed to provide an authentic Portuguese experience. You’ll discover a land where age-old traditions still thrive in the shadow of cosmopolitan cities and where every meal, stroll and sunset can turn into a cherished memory. Whether you’re seeking adventure, gastronomy or relaxation, these tours promise a comprehensive and enchanting exploration of Portugal’s many delights.


Pure Portugal Fun: Azores to Porto Tour

Immerse yourself in the diversity of Portugal with a 13-day journey from the serene Azores to the bustling city of Porto. This tour captures the essence of Portugal vacations, showcasing the stunning landscapes of the Azores archipelago and the historic charm of Porto. Activities range from exploring volcanic landscapes to tasting the rich wines of northern Portugal.

Portugal vacations are not just about visiting; they’re about experiencing. As you transition from the tranquil Azores to the vibrant cultural scene of Porto, you’ll engage with locals, enjoy traditional cuisine and discover the hidden gems that each location has to offer. This package ensures a seamless blend of relaxation and adventure.


Food, Wine and Culture in Portugal

For culinary enthusiasts, this nine-day tour is a feast for the senses. Traverse from Porto to Lisbon, stopping at historic sites like Óbidos and the wine region along the Douro River. You’ll indulge in iconic Portuguese dishes such as Sintra’s traditional queijadas and the famous pastéis de nata in Belém, providing a delicious pathway through Portugal’s gastronomic heritage.

The journey not only tantalizes your taste buds but also enriches your cultural understanding. Visits to architectural marvels like Porto’s Se Catedral and Lisbon’s bohemian neighbourhoods are interspersed with wine tastings that highlight the country’s rich viticultural history, offering a well-rounded cultural and epicurean experience.


Captivating 15-Day Highlights Tour of Portugal

Explore Portugal’s most beloved cities over 15 days, experiencing the local lifestyle, breathtaking scenery and historical sites. From the cobbled streets of Lisbon to the stunning views of the Douro Valley, this tour is designed to showcase the diverse attractions Portugal has to offer, making it ideal for first-time visitors wanting a comprehensive overview.

You’ll delve into the local culture, with each day providing a new discovery, whether it’s a historical landmark, a scenic vista or a culinary delight. This extended journey allows for a deep dive into what truly makes Portugal unique, with enough time to soak in each experience without rushing.


Coastal Havens and City Discovery Tour

This nine-day tour promises magical memories as you explore the golden beaches of the Algarve and the lush landscapes that Portugal is famed for. From the sapphire seas of Portimão to the historic streets of Lisbon, you’ll be treated to a visual and sensory delight that encapsulates the best of Portugal city breaks.

Portugal city breaks often focus on urban experiences, but this package also brings you the serene beauty of the Algarve’s coastline, blending city discovery with coastal relaxation. The juxtaposition of vibrant city life and peaceful beach settings offers a balanced holiday that caters to both relaxation and exploration enthusiasts.


Enthralling Adventure Tour of Portugal

Adventure seekers will thrive on this 12-day tour, which includes hot air balloon rides, canyoning and cave cruising in regions like the Algarve and Madeira. Each day is packed with activities that push the boundaries and provide an adrenalin rush, set against the backdrop of Portugal’s most stunning landscapes.

The tour not only offers adventure but also ensures that you experience the natural and cultural landmarks of each region. From the rugged cliffs of Lagos to the charming streets of Funchal, the activities are designed to highlight the best of Portuguese scenery and culture, ensuring a memorable and exhilarating experience.


Luxury Escape to the Azores

Experience the mystical beauty of the Azores on this seven-day luxury tour that offers a mix of relaxation and exploration. Based in Ponta Delgada, the capital of São Miguel Island, you have the freedom to choose from a variety of activities, from whale watching to thermal-spring visits, all tailored to your preferences for an exclusive and personalized holiday.

The focus on luxury and personalization makes this package ideal for those seeking a bespoke travel experience that combines adventure with high-end hospitality, set in one of Portugal’s most breathtaking locations. This tailored approach ensures that every aspect of your journey meets the highest standards of comfort and exclusivity, from private tours of hidden gems to accommodations that boast exceptional service and elegance. 


Portuguese South and Highlights Tour

Spanning seven days, this tour explores the vibrant cities of Lisbon and Vilamoura in the south of Portugal. It blends urban exploration with the charm of Portugal’s southern coast, offering a mix of historical tours, leisure activities and ample time to explore at the beachside promenades. Each day is carefully planned to ensure that you experience the rich history and lively contemporary culture, making this an ideal package for those looking to dive deep into Southern Portugal’s offerings.

The Portuguese South and Highlights Tour also provides ample opportunities for leisure and relaxation, catering to those who wish to balance their sightseeing with some downtime. The tour is designed to accommodate both vigorous exploration and serene moments, such as enjoying a sunset over the Atlantic or relaxing in Vilamoura’s upscale marina. With expert guides to lead the way, you can delve into the local culture and history during the day and unwind in some of the region’s finest accommodations by night, all while soaking in the warm, welcoming atmosphere that Southern Portugal is known for. This blend of activity and relaxation ensures a well-rounded experience, making every day as enriching as it is enjoyable.

Through these seven meticulously curated travel packages, your journey across Portugal will encapsulate the essence of this diverse and storied country. Each package not only highlights different facets of Portuguese life—from its rich history and natural beauty to its culinary delights and cultural festivities—but also caters to a variety of interests and preferences, ensuring a personalized and deeply engaging experience. As you traverse from the historic centres of Lisbon and Porto to the remote beauty of the Azores, each day will unfold with new discoveries and connections, reinforcing Portugal’s reputation as a destination of wonder and warmth. Whether you return home with a suitcase full of local wines, a camera full of breathtaking photos or a heart full of unforgettable memories, these travel packages guarantee that your Portuguese adventure will be nothing short of extraordinary. For those looking to explore Portugal in depth, these experiences offer not just a trip but a journey into the heart of a nation’s heritage and are designed to leave you enriched and inspired long after you’ve returned home.


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