According to new data from women-directed dating app Bumble, more than 1 million Canadians have added information on their Zodiac sign to user profilers over the last six months – and, perhaps surprisingly to some, the majority of those people are men. “We’re finding that men are coming to understand that astrology can be a great tool to connect with people especially during lockdown in a time where conversations may have been limited,” says the brand’s in-house astrologer, Amelia Quint.

“I always encourage people to look at other people’s zodiac signs, but to keep an open mind and judge based on their own experiences. Daters can look for someone who actually has the sign, or it can be someone who embodies those traits.”

With this in mind, Quint says the best pairings for each star sign are: Aries and Libra (making the first move, confident, opposites attract), Taurus and Scorpio (loyalty, intensity, depth, sensuality, passion), Gemini and Sagittarius (intellect, adventure, exploring, curiosity), Cancer and Capricorn (classic, tradition, serious, long-term), Leo and Aquarius (social, glamorous, relaxed, playful, rebellious) and Virgo and Pisces (being of service, kindness, balancing data with imagination).

“Pairings are not set in stone,” Quint adds. “It is a complex web of interlocking features that doesn’t have limits so don’t let this put you off.” Below are some date ideas broken down by astrology sign for when you do make a match.

The Best Date Ideas For Each Zodiac Sign 

Aries: A walk in the park, outdoor picnic or a dance class.

Taurus: Wine or cheese tasting (virtually or in the park).

Gemini: Witty banter over a drink or attending the latest event.

Cancer: A walk or homemade picnic date around their favourite spot local to them.

Leo: Going to a flower market or local gardens or game/trivia night.

Virgo: Go to a juice bar, do a workout or attend a cooking class.

Libra: Classic outdoor dining while eating an indulgent dessert.

Scorpio: Talking over an afternoon coffee in your favourite cafe, visiting a museum together or stargazing at an observatory.

Sagittarius: A craft class (pottery, painting) or active skill (zip lining, axe throwing).

Capricorn: A planned low-key puzzle night.

Aquarius: Go to the pub for a drink or attend a socially-distanced outdoor event.

Pisces: Art class, music gig or poetry reading.


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