There’s a lot of advice out there for singletons on how to spend Valentine’s Day – have an at-home pamper night and send yourself flowers are among the sadder suggestions. We suggest taking a different tack: Go out. Hit the singles scene. Because this is the one night of the year when you know every guy in the bar is single. All those married/taken dudes who show up on regular nights just for validation? (You know the ones – they chat up women and take their phone numbers just to prove to themselves that they’ve still GOT IT.) They’re off wining and dining their significant others.

The one caveat is that you have to be on high alert for those guys whose V-Day goal is to prey on women who are depressed about being single. (It’s a thing – there are men’s websites that actually detail how-to strategies on the subject. #gross) They are generally creeps and best avoided. Still, your favourite pub/lounge/meat market will be filled with other singles and delightfully devoid of smug marrieds.

So, see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity. Every bar is a singles night without the embarrassing label of “singles night.” Take one or two wingwomen, wear something Olivia Palermo would approve of and put your best moves into action. You can do this.


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