Next time you’re standing in a room full of “millenials” (wherever these mythical creatures aged between 18 to 34 are to be found), there’s a good chance that 1 in 5 of those people would be okay with bringing their mom to a job interview. Not “driving mother to HER big interview to launch her second career as a neurosurgeon at 65”, but as in “actually sitting in front of a potential employer and having mom on hand to remind him which year he graduated high school in”.

That’s the most shocking (at least for us) of the results of a new survey about millenials in the workplace, but the rest of the research by Trendera is also pretty enlightening. 

For instance, 30 percent of millenials rate their chances of being hit by a truck higher than the chances they’ll find their dream job, which is…depressing. On the flip side, 30 percent also think they’re underpaid, and expected to earn a higher salary than what they actually bank every month. 

Most egregious, however? 40 percent of the young people believe one typo on a resume isn’t a big deal. kklgiugilu?!?!?!


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