When I arrived at Chloé and Parris Gordon’s studio Friday afternoon, Chloé was on the phone calmly handling a rather urgent problem. The Toronto-based design duo’s spring/summer 2014 show was three days away and the shoes that
Dr. Martens had sent that afternoon were the wrong sizes. “My sister will join us in a minute,” explained Parris. “She’s just dealing with a little issue we’re having.” Little? Instead of a fashion tantrum, which wouldn’t have been unwarranted, the sisters were surprisingly mellow. It’s their sixth collection, and Parris assured me that they have the routine down. “There’s always going to be some hurdles, but we’re prepared for that. We just deal with them and move on.” At this point, Chloé joined us. “Sorry about that,” she said. “The Toronto store is sold out of the styles we want to use, and the ones they shipped from Portland won’t work. We’ll get it figured out.” I suggested that perhaps the models could go barefoot, as that look might suit the designers’ “badass muse” that we’ve come to know.
Was that
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