Along with its fine-jewellery collection, Thomas Sabo launched a spring line that contains plenty of Miami-inspired bling (seashell and pink flamingo included) and more Eastern-inspired designs. We went behind the scenes with Georgia May Jagger at the opening of Thomas Sabo’s London flagship to find out what jewellery the face of the brand will be wearing this season and how she accessorizes with her favourite pieces.

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What are your must-have Thomas Sabo pieces?                            
“I’m in love with the rose quartz ring. It’s my favourite. The teardrop shape elongates your finger.”

What’s your top tip for accessorizing?
“With an all-black look, I can get away with multiple things, but I tend to keep it simple, like a ring and a necklace.”

How do you stay balanced?                                                            
“My mom’s really into feng shui. She has actually got a lot of rose quartz around the house. My family has that New Age hippie thing going on. I think everything in moderation, including moderation!”

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Creative Directior Susanne Kölbi’s inspiration behind the collection:                                                                                
Designing Thomas Sabo’s first fine-jewellery line was all about crafting a new story for the brand. Kölbli looked to the East for inspiration for the Seven Chakras, a collection of ornate and delicate pendants that represent the lotus flower in different stages of bloom. Each chakra is adorned with a particular gemstone: diamond, topaz, amethyst, peridot, quartz, citrine or garnet and corresponds to one of the seven energy points on the body. The flower’s physical transformation is symbolic of an evolving state of self-awareness, something Kölbli believes is especially relevant to the modern woman. “At the moment in Western culture, a lot of women are interested in something different,” she says. “They want to be more relaxed, they want to make more time for themselves, they are interested in their bodies and they want to live healthily.”

Choosing a chakra means picking a symbol that matches your current state of being (the root chakra, with its crimson-garnet centre, is a good fit if you’re searching for stability) or reflects an area you’re working on (relationship gurus may be drawn to the heart chakra). The tale of maturation reflected in the Seven Chakras is an evolution for the brand, but, Kölbli insists, “I think we still have enough rock ’n’ roll attitude in us.”

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